8 Tips For Safe Teeth Whitening

With so many teeth whitening products on the market, a bright smile is seemingly available to every one of us. And as much as we all want the sparkling smiles of Hollywood, new questions arise when it comes to the safety of these products and procedures. The simple answer is that teeth whitening is always […]
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What Corrosive Foods Really Do to Your Teeth

Corrosive isn’t a word you want to hear in connection to your teeth, but the reality is you want to be smart in protecting your smile and oral health. Teeth are actually porous, which means that sugars and acids can easily get in and break enamel down or leave teeth discolored—and these consequences can show […]
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Early Detection of Oral Cancer Saves Lives

April is oral cancer awareness month—this is a good time to take heed and visit your dentist for a screening. Get involved—tell your family and friends—everyone should get screened, regardless of gender or whether you smoke or drink. Is Oral Cancer Common? Oral and pharyngeal cancer, cancer of the mouth and upper throat, combined kills […]
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Curving Cravings Like a Pro

The goal to eat healthy starts out easy in the morning.  You are fresh.  Ready to load up on protein and hold firm against the food temptations thrown at you during the day.  Then you get to work.  You forgot it was your boss’ birthday.  Why is it always someone’s birthday?  To celebrate your coworker […]
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Know Your Teeth - What To Do In a Dental Emergency

Few things in life are certain; however, about as certain as death and taxes are the prevalence of medical and dental emergencies in the middle of the night.  The late hour and diminished ability to reach a medical professional also heighten the sense of how urgent the situation is.  First, if it is a serious […]
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