10 Unusual Ways to Squeeze in 2 Minutes to Floss

Did you know that daily flossing adds on average 6.3 years to your life span? According to Michael F. Roizen, MD in his book, Real Age, the daily task of flossing helps to keep your arteries younger and your immune system stronger.

Yet, only 5 – 10% of Americans are regular flossers.

So if gum disease and a host of other major health issues [link to other article] aren’t enough to remind you to bring out that little container of waxed string, here are 10 unusual ways to squeeze in 2 minutes to floss your teeth…

1)      Floss when you first get up in the morning – While there is no best time of day to floss your teeth, morning hours can be a convenient time for some people. Just remember to floss before you brush your teeth to remove particles first.

2)      Floss when you watch TV – Watching TV is a great time to multitask with flossing your teeth. Sounds strange? Well, commercials last for at least 2 minutes right? That’s a perfect time frame to floss and still get back in time for your show.

3)      Floss in the shower – You’re in the bathroom anyway, right? Keep the little floss container in the shower with you, that way you’ll never forget.

4)      Stuck in traffic? Yep, that’s right. Floss in the car. Think about it this way, traffic means you’re stuck. You may not be moving for 5 minutes or maybe even longer. Grab your floss and take advantage of that time when you really have nothing else to do.

5)      Stuck in the car line at school pick up, pull out the floss… School pick-up lines can be long and if you get there early, even longer. Before you check your phone messages, run some floss through your teeth. These lines can sometimes be worse than traffic, so you’ll surely have plenty of time to floss and still update on Facebook.

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6)      Lunch break at work – Use your lunch break to eat of course, but floss afterwards. You’ll probably take a bathroom break anyway, so take 2 minutes and floss those pearly whites too.

7)      Watching YouTube videos – Watching videos on Youtube can be great entertainment. But adding in a simple task like flossing can make watching videos a way to prolong your dental health and subsequently your overall health as well.

8)      Floss in the evening before bed – Ok, this may be the most usual way to floss, but it’s still worth noting. They say it takes 21 days of consistent effort to make something into a habit, so if you floss every day before bed for 21 days, you will have formed a healthy dental habit.

9)      Floss after exercising – Unusual right? Well, not if you get into the habit of doing it then. After exercise maybe the perfect time for you as you still have the me-time you have set aside for yourself. Or it’s just a great way to add to the healthy, feel-good emotions that exercise brings.

10)   Take an after dinner break and floss then – Dishes can wait, flossing is important! 2 minutes after dinner is nothing – plus it makes your teeth feel cleaner anyway.

Some of these are unusual, even crazy ideas for flossing your teeth, but they all prove one thing – that squeezing in 2 minutes to floss is actually quite easy.

Now, find the time that works best for you and by the end of 21 days, you will have formed a habit of flossing consistently.

Happy Flossing!

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