Our 5 Favorite Holiday Crafts

Keep from going stir-crazy with these cute and easy holiday crafts. Fun for the whole family!

1) Snow Storm in a Jar

Snow Storm in a Jar

It might not be cold enough for snow here in DFW, but you can have a white Christmas anyway with this fun project! A few simple household ingredients and viola! You’ve got your very own snowstorm.

Thanks to Growing a Jeweled Rose for the idea!


2) Chocolate Covered Strawberry Christmas Trees


This easy kitchen project is fun for kids of all ages. If they’re not old enough to dip yet, they can still help decorate the ‘trees’ with sprinkles. Plus, once they’re made, you’ve got an adorable (a relatively healthy) holiday snack!

Get instructions here, thanks to Lovely Little Kitchen.


3) Melting Snowman Science Project


Remember Gak? This easy at-home holiday project makes a similar substance. It stretches, it tears, it molds back together again. Grab a few snowman decorations  and watch as your snowman oozes and stretches – then put him right back together again! Credit for this brilliant piece of holiday fun goes to Little Bins for Little Hands – click here for recipe and details.


4) Masking Tape Snowflake Art


This easy art project is too much fun for the little ones. Just use masking tape to make a snowflake on canvas or construction paper, and let them go to town. When the pain is dry, remove the tape for a holiday masterpiece. This isn’t just a fun project – it also makes a great gift for grandparents! Thanks to 10 Kids and a Dog for the idea!


5) Make Your Own Crystal Snowflakes


This overnight project is well worth the wait! Blissfully Domestic has instructions here. Just follow those steps and by morning, you’ll have grown your own crystal snowflakes! Who doesn’t love a little holiday magic?



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