5+ Major Health Problems Caused by Improper Oral Care

Most of us innately know that our mouth is the gate to the rest of our body. Ingesting is one of the prime ways to get medicine into our systems, as well as how we breathe and eat. Just as all these things we need can get to the rest of our beings to help our health, the lack of oral hygiene can let in negative things. When we don’t care for our teeth, the plaque build-up, bacteria, and viruses can all get infect and damage us internally. A myriad of health problems on top of tooth-based issues can be avoided by simply brushing and flossing your teeth daily. Let’s take a look at them.

Disease of the Heart
The biggest surprise of many people that have heart disease is that it may have come from bad teeth. Heart disease is a very intense infection of the heart’s interior. The bacteria of tooth decay, gum disease, or abscesses gets into the bloodstream and collects in weakened tissue of the heart. From there, it make cause a stroke or blood vessel inflammation and other horrible, long-term problems of the vascular system.

Problems in Pregnancy
Have you ever wondered by most insurance policies allow for more dental check-ups when a woman is pregnant? There is a direct correlation between oral issues and fetus or birth problems. When an expectant mother gets bacteria from bad teeth, it can lead to low-weight babies, premature labor, and in extreme cases, fetal death.

Bullying the Brain
Just as bacteria in the bloodstream can reach the heart, it can also get to our body’s control center. If the brain contracts bacteria threading from your unclean mouth, it will affect everything from organs and tissues to muscles and glands.

Diseases that a Good Dentist can Detect.

From Bad to Worse
Research done by the University of Texas Health Science Center found that oral infections can actually increase risk of contracting human papillomavirus (HPV). There are over 40 types of the virus, which are spread both through sexual contact and lead to all kinds of cancer. UTA published their findings in the journal Cancer Prevention Research, claiming that poor oral hygiene is associated with a 56% higher oral HPV occurrence. (Source: Huffington Post.)

Fanning the Im-Flame-ation
Severe periodontic problems directly dysregulates our bodies’ inflammatory response. It is for this reason that bad oral health seems to increase the risk or symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. (Source: Life Extension Vitamins.) Rheumatoid arthritis pain stems from overly inflamed joints in the hands and feet. When oral-based bacteria increases this swelling, it triples the pain and furthers the bone erosion and joint disfiguration that results from it. (Source: Mayo Clinic.) Inflammation also happens in other issues in the body, and pathogens from the mouth can make it much worse in every instance.

Happy Mouth, Healthy Self
If your local dentist’s recommendations and a beautiful smile aren’t enough, maybe the consequences above will encourage you to care for your mouth every day. Take the time to scrub your pearly whites daily and you’ll enjoy good health for years to come.

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