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Dr. Mark C. Marchbanks, D.D.S. is a life-long Arlington, Texas resident

Arlington dentist, Dr. Marchbanks, DDS has had an office in Arlington for over 35 years. And as much as Dr. Marchbanks sees Arlington, TX as part of his practice, Arlington sees his dental office as part of this community.

Everyone at Dr. Marchbanks’ office believes in certain priorities, and Dr. Marchbanks makes his clear: providing the best treatment while always looking for new ways to provide greater comfort. If there were a single reason why Dr. Marchbanks has been in practice with such a presence in the community for so long, this might be it.

Dr. Marchbanks also believes in preventative dentistry to keep patients healthy, along with the cosmetic dentistry to keep smiles shining bright. And education is another priority at the office, which is why it’s a great environment for children.

Healthy smiles leave the office turning into truly happy, radiant smiles. And these smiles are seen daily from the rave-worthy treatment received here at the office.

The whole staff has been recognized for world-class service and counts with over 150 years of experience between team members. Dr. Marchbanks graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington, and after attending Baylor College of Dentistry graduated with a DDS in 1983, establishing his own family dentistry practice—and has been proudly serving Arlington patients ever since.

If you want to see what an always-learning, Arlington-rooted dentist can do for you and your family, give Dr. Marchbanks, DDS a call today.

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