This Arlington Couple Shares the Secret to 75 Happy Years

What they have to say will inspire you…



When James “Buddy” and Gertie Thomas first met, he was only 18 and, unbeknownst to him, she was only 14. With her father’s permission, though, they got married shortly thereafter, and what a marriage it has been. Like many couples starting out during the Great Depression, times were hard at first. Buddy was in school, and Gertie worked at a laundromat 6 days a week for just a $1 weekly salary. They stuck it out though, and eventually Gertie gave birth to a boy and, later, twin girls. Now the grandparents of 9, and great-grandparents to 12, they celebrated their 75th anniversary at Dayspring Church in Arlington last weekend. Their secret? According to Gertie, it’s “consideration, Compassion, and Kindness….and just keeping your mouth shut a lot of times.”


Hear, hear Gertie! We wish you many more.


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