Attention Home Schooling Families: Check Out Arlington’s Christkindl Market This Dec. 9 – Now Officially Designated “Home School Day”

Tuesday, December 9, has been designated “Home School Day” at Arlington’s Texas Christkindl Market. This 4-year old market has blossomed into a 24-day event drawing patrons from around the state and country.


This year, in addition to the usual activities on offer, the Arlington Public Library will be putting on a program specifically for the region’s home school students. Beginning at 1:30pm, there will be an hour long lecture and craft session in the VIP tent, focused on the theme of “Christmas in Germany”. No registration is required, and the event provides a fabulous opportunity to teach your children about the inception of the markets in mid-16th century, Reformation-era Germany. Dubbed ‘Christkindl’ markets, Martin Luther advocated for the month-long events, seeing an opportunity to shift the public’s focus from the Catholic St. Nicholas to the birth of the Christ child.

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The event is suitable for all ages, and provides not just a positive learning experience, but an opportunity for homeschooling families to get together, shop, and socialize at one of Arlington’s premier holiday events.

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In addition to the library’s holiday program, there will be an opportunity for children to meet Santa in the custom-built “Santa Haus”, and photographs are available for purchase on site. The vendors will be out, so parents can enjoy some holiday shopping, wandering among the 50+ booths offering unique, handcrafted traditional ornaments and gifts from around the US and Germany. Early arrivals will have the opportunity to enjoy performances by local junior high and high school students on the main stage.

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We can’t wait to see you!

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