The Best Online Dental Resources for Your Kids

It’s that time of year. Freshly sharpened pencils, heavy backpacks, and busy schedules surround students. Teeth care is worked into many health curriculums, but it’s important to reiterate the information at home. Thankfully, there are a ton of online resources that can help you do that, from interactive apps to fun games emphasizing the best way to brush. Prevention is key and getting a couple of these into your child’s weekly routine can help supplement what their teacher and dentist have already taught them. We’ve rounded up a handful for you to check out and utilize.

Informational Sites

mouthhealthy is a wonderful site dedicated to little chompers and a part of The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. They have printable brochures, articles and tips lists, and a fun video where your child can learn about the tooth monsters (Ginger bite-us, Tartar the Terrible, and Tooth D.K. and how to beat them. There are also printable dental check-up award certificates and other fun things to do with your child.

Mouth Healthy Kids is a fun, animated interface done by the American Dental Association that has presentations you can watch with your child, printable worksheets and activities, as well as information for pre-teens that want to learn about tooth nutrition or that may be considering working in the dental field. is another awesome resource for getting your children excited about caring for their teeth. They have games and printable charts and activities for your children, and articles and tips for parents. Everything has that elementary fun feel of the television show.

Games and Apps


Toothsavers is a two-fold beneficial app for Apple and Android devices. It comes with a timer for brushing time, and tracks how often your child brushes and flosses. It also offers the opportunity to set up brushing reminder alarms. A timed brushing game helps make the recommended 2 minutes seem less of a chore and creates lasting dental hygiene habits. In the game, your child has to save ten people from a cavity-creating witch.

Kids Dental Health costs $1.99 and is available for apple devices. Created by parents as concerned as you about your child’s dental condition, it has a storybook feel to it. Users have four characters to choose from and go through mini games to complete it. The fun animations will engage children and teach them the correct way to brush. Little tips on life-long brushing are included within the story, so their learning as they play.

Talking Tom Dentist Appointment not only gives your child the chance to play dentist, but it can also help eliminate their fear of an appointment. All the usual tools are there for them to make the cats teeth clean again. You’ll find some other dental related games on the same website.

YouTube Videos


Below is a list of some great options for your children to watch on youtube that can help them think about how well they are caring for their teeth. There are many more, so feel free to use these as a jumpoff point and search for which ones best interest your child.

About Teeth for Kids – Dental Care Video – Types and Functions

Dental Defenders Vs. Cavitiy Creeps

Sesame Street Dentist Video With Elmo

Tooth Talk TV

Children Dental Videos – 12 Video Youtube Channel


Every Little Bit Helps

Using one or more of these resources, games, apps, or videos just a few times a week can make a lasting impression on your children and help them create life-long healthy oral care habits. You can also check out our articles “How to Work Dental Health Care into Children Activities” or ask us questions at your next appointment in our Arlington office.

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