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Best Remedies for Snoring – The Top 10

Snoring is a common condition that can affect men, women, children, even your pets may snore.

But while the occasional snoring is nothing to be concerned about, a habitual pattern of nightly snoring can lead to an array of health problems. Lack of quality sleep, increased daily fatigue and even mood swings can plague you because of nightly snoring. If you have family or roommates, snoring can be impacting them as well.

Best Remedies for Snoring - The Top 10

Instead of having to live with that pesky snore, there are several remedies that can work to reduce or completely eliminate it.

Here is a list of the top 10 remedies for snoring so you won’t be banished to the furthest bedroom in your house.

Clean your nasal passages. Having a stuffy nose creates a sort of vacuum in your throat which can lead to snoring. Using a Neti pot or decongestant medication can help clear up these passageways and allow for clear, restful breathing.

Keep bedroom air moist. Dry air is really rough on your breathing. It dries out your nasal passages which can irritate your nasal membranes. Irritated nasal membranes mean an irritated throat as well. A humidifier keeps the air moist and allows for easier breathing and less snoring.

Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and heavy meals. All three of these can disrupt breathing, but alcohol goes a step further. One of the properties in alcohol acts as a muscle relaxer as well. So by relaxing your throat muscles it also contributes to snoring. To remedy several sleep problems, not just snoring, avoid caffeine and heavy meals about 2 hours before bedtime.

Change your sleeping position. Sleeping on your back means gravity takes effect, making all the muscles in your throat fall back as well. Your tongue and soft tissue can drop further into the throat causing you to snore.

Here’s a trick for sleeping on your side if you find yourself constantly rolling onto your back:

Take a sock and safety pin it on the back of your pajamas. Place a couple golf balls or tennis balls into the sock and lie on your side. You won’t roll over onto your back during the night due to the uncomfortable golf balls. Soon, you’ll develop a regular, side-sleeping habit.

Stop smoking. Smoking is an irritant and impacts every part of your health, including a snore habit. Smoke irritates the membranes in the nose and throat, causing them to be blocked and thus leading to snoring. Stopping smoking can often completely stop a snore habit.

Lose weight. Men actually have narrower air passages than women, so men are more likely to snore than women. Narrow throat passages combined with being overweight combine to create serious snoring. Being overweight doesn’t just reflect on your physical appearance, but fatty tissue can accumulate around your throat as well, leading to that ever recognizable snore.

Singing. This may seem like an unlikely remedy for snoring, but it really does work. When you sing, you are strengthening the muscles in your throat and soft palate. This increase in muscle control leads to less snoring from flabby throat muscles.

Playing wind instruments. This works much in the same way that singing does. By playing a wind instrument, you are increasing the strength in your throat muscles. Sometimes that’s all it takes to eliminate a snore.

Do throat exercises. Throat exercises can be very beneficial to putting an end to a snoring problem. And the best part is that these exercises can be done in the car, while working out, really anytime.

Here are a few:

  • Say all 5 vowels, a-e-i-o-u out loud for 3 minutes, a few times a day.
  • Place the tip of your tongue right behind your top front teeth, slide it back along the roof of your mouth for 3 minutes a day.
  • With your mouth open, slide your jaw to right and hold it for 30 seconds, repeat it on the other side.

Dental devices for snoring. A dental device can help alleviate snoring. The way it works is to bring the lower jaw forward and open the air passages. With a clear airway, breathing is not labored and snoring can be reduced or even eliminated. Click here for our Snore Devices Treatment.

Snoring doesn’t just create a noisy environment, it impacts your entire body.

While these remedies can either reduce or completely eliminate a snoring problem, snoring can also be a more serious issue. Rather than just loud snoring, there could be other health problems plaguing your body.

A doctor can determine if it’s really just a “loose muscle problem” or perhaps something bigger.

And if they’ve ruled out any serious issues, then with consistent use, these home remedies can often cure a snore in a matter of weeks.

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