A Case For The Curious: Opioids In Dentistry

The opioid epidemic is a crisis that has swept the country. It leaves no community or population untouched. And unlike other drug epidemics, the opioid epidemic is particularly horrible in suburban communities, many just like our own Arlington. At the office of Dr. Marchbanks, we understand the addictive power these strong prescription medications have and […]
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Is It A Toothache…Or Sinus Pain?

This time of year can cause allergies to go haywire. Ragweed and pollen are two of the biggest offenders in North Texas, and can cause allergy suffers to avoid going outdoors altogether.     Those of us who suffer from allergies are all too familiar with itchy eyes and runny noses. However, for some, allergies sometimes […]
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7 Annual Arlington-Area Events

A regular visit to the dentist office is a reoccurring event that all of us go through in order to keep up our health. But taking care of the health of our soul and mind is essential, too. How do you kick back? What do you like to do to take advantage of our Arlington […]
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What You Really Need To Know About Thumb-Sucking?

Everyone loves to give advice to new parents. Whether it has to do with sleeping, eating or thumb sucking, every parent or grandparent or aunt has THE answer for dealing with whatever issue presents itself.    For new parents who are trying to wade through the fog of exhaustion this amount of input from others, […]
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What You Didn’t Know About Bad Breath

Bad breath can be a sensitive topic, especially if you’re trying to convince a partner or a close friend that they need to seek help for this issue. This TEDTalk video breaks down this stinky subject into a lighthearted informational piece that explains not only the cause of bad breath (or halitosis), but also how […]
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