Things We’re Thankful For In Arlington, Texas

Here at the office of Dr. Mark Marchbanks, we are Arlington proud and wanted to compile a list of things we love about this city in light of this week of thanks.    With a population of 392,772 and an average age of 33, there are plenty of reasons why this city is succeeding, and […]
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How Your Smile—Or Lack Thereof—Affects You Professionally

Have you ever been sitting in an interview and either felt like you forgot to check your teeth beforehand, or forgot to brush them, or—worse yet—felt unable to kick off a meeting with even a single smile?    It’s a challenge for millions of Americans, and it certainly isn’t fair, but people with a “serious […]
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The List: Stress-Free Dentist Visits

John Smith was 15 years old when he needed to have his impacted wisdom teeth extracted. Unfortunately, his dental office didn’t tell him that he couldn’t eat before coming in, which meant they could not sedate him when he arrived.    Instead, the office used a combination of novocain and laughing gas to prep him […]
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How Many of these Top-10 Tooth-brushing Mistakes Are You Making?

According to the Internet (and to Dr. Marchbanks, here to tell you how it really is), there are a plethora of ways to make mistakes when brushing your teeth. Putting that toothbrush in your mouth at the very least is a step in the right direction, so don’t feel bad if you’re a “consistent-but-bad” brusher. […]
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The History of Halloween

In modern day America, on October 31st we celebrate what has long been referred to as Halloween…a “celebration” that dates back as far as 2,000 years ago to Celtic history.    History    Long, long ago in what is now Ireland, Scotland and the United Kingdom, there was a festival celebrated on November 1st called […]
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