The Technology of Invisalign

Many of us remember an age without cell phones, and even more remember a time when the only thing cell phones did was make calls. Now, thanks to technology, the tiny computer we carry in our pocket is more technologically advanced than the system that sent the first shuttle to space!    The same can […]
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Looking For More To Do In Retirement?

The number of those who are retired in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex continues to grow. Thanks to our easy access to great international airports, top-notch health care centers, culturally stimulating museums and international cuisine, there’s no doubt why those 65-and-up continue to call this area home.    If you or your retired parents are looking […]
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Invisalign—A Company History

Do you ever have those great ideas that you think could change lives, but aren’t sure where to start? Or maybe you’re nervous it won’t get traction…    That’s exactly what Invisalign company founder Zia Chishti did. He envisioned the technology used today while he, personally, was suffering from pain associated with orthodontic work. He […]
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Your Invisalign FAQ

If you’ve ever looked at your smile in the mirror and wished it was straighter, but will never consider the “eye sore” of braces, we completely understand. Many of our patients come to us wanting a vibrant and straight smile, but are concerned not only about the look but about the lifestyle limitations of braces.  […]
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What Do Drugs Do To Teeth?

The harmful side effects of drug addiction are far reaching. From neurological side effects to those effecting the musculoskeletal system, drugs can severely damage most parts of the body quickly. Drug abuse can also cause significant damage to your mouth and teeth, including severe tooth decay and gum disease. Many times, the mouth is the […]
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