Satisfy Cravings the Healthy Way

The cooler air is a reminder that fall is officially on our doorstep. This season is filled with occasions that encourage you to splurge and eat foods that you know are indulgent, and might generally be successful at ignoring. For instance, Halloween buckets filled with taffy, hard candies and oozing caramel apples can do a […]
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Fall Trips and Your Teeth

Summer has come to a close, and summer vacation with it. Somehow, once you’re back to the grind, all you can think about is the next trip. Maybe you have something planned with your family over one of the long autumn weekends. Or maybe you’ll be traveling over the holidays.    Whatever the case, travel […]
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All You Need To Know About Toothpaste

The very first thing you should know about toothpaste, and it comes as a surprise to most people, is that you don’t really need it to keep up with good oral hygiene. After this “paradigm shifting” assurance, we’re able to really impress upon folks that regular brushing is exponentially more important for the removal of […]
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Fun Twist on the Tooth Fairy

Losing teeth is an exciting milestone that is celebrated by parents and children alike. The Tooth Fairy is a relatively modern tradition that combines the practices of multiple cultures, but with an American twist. Most of the world celebrates children losing teeth in some fashion, but only here do we use a fairy to deliver […]
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Top Hurdles To Oral Hygiene While Traveling (And How To Overcome Them)

Whether for work or pleasure, travel is like an unraveling ball of yarn with changing colors. There are good times and stressful times, and the preparation is a feat unto itself. What chances there are to suffer stress from travel typically come from the little things that make a big difference: bringing enough underwear, remembering […]
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