Impacted Teeth 101—What You Need To Know

Dental terms are sometimes thrown around in normal conversation, and you might end up thinking you know they mean…but maybe you don’t!    Impacted teeth is one of those terms. You most commonly hear it related to wisdom teeth, but can it happen to other teeth? What about baby teeth?     If you have recently […]
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Know What To Do With Time Off This Season

If you are sticking around Arlington, Texas this holiday season, you might be looking for festive things to do in lieu of travel.    In addition to celebrating the season with family and friends, staying close to home gives you the perfect opportunity to get things done without the confines of school attendance or taking […]
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The 12 Ways to Health

Whether it’s the flu, a common cold, or just your run-of-the-mill virus, they’re all lingering threats that can derail your holiday plans. Last year, flu activity in Arlington, TX peaked early, catching many people off guard—and everyone unprepared. In order to ensure you and your family have a happy and healthy holiday season, the Centers […]
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Healthiest Holiday Eating—Thanksgiving 2018

It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is already here! Here at home in Arlington, Texas, the temperatures have dropped, and everywhere you look the halls are being decked. If you’re like us, then it is hard to think about Christmas when we still have so much to do for Thanksgiving! For many, the Thanksgiving meal […]
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What Makes Dental Service For Kids Special

When you think of the services offered at Dr. Marchbanks’ Arlington, TX office, we’re sure you can easily name at least a half dozen things our office offers. From routine cleanings to root canals to Invisalign and teeth whitening and everything in-between, our office provides services to take care of most dental issues you’ll ever […]
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