Cleft Palates and Cleft Lips

It would not be uncommon for you to know someone who was born with a cleft lip or a cleft palate. It is estimated almost 2 in 1000 babies, or less than 1% of all children born in the United States in a year have this birth defect. In many cases, mothers who receive prenatal […]
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Teeth Grinding…In Children?

Stress can manifest itself in many ways. You might have experienced it by way of sleepless nights, weight gain or moodiness.   However, have you ever woken up in the morning and felt like your teeth and jaw were sore? This uncomfortable feeling is often the result of grinding your teeth, or “bruxism.” More commonly […]
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Everything You Needed to Know About Thumb Sucking

Are you a parent with an infant or toddler who sucks their thumb? We here at Dr. Marchbanks’ office are here to answer the questions you either have or SHOULD be asking!    Most parents understand why children reach for their thumb, but some are new to the world of parenting or otherwise are looking […]
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There’s Only One Month Left of Winter!

Technically spring begins on March 20th, but you could say we’ve got ants in our pants here at Dr. Marchbanks’s office to declare spring’s approach with March 1st! Can you blame us? We can just see it now, fluffy clouds in blue skies, bees buzzing, flowers in full bloom (sneeze!) One month, ladies and gentlemen! […]
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Winter Fun in the Metroplex—Indoor Play Areas!

The arctic blast that’s sat on top of north Texas for the past week has led to MANY stir-crazy days for young ones stuck at home. While our neighbors to the north may scoff at our inability to play outside in temperatures that dip below freezing, true Texans know that our blood is just too […]
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