Tooth Color and Genetics

Do you remember a time when your teeth were whiter? Do you look at photos and think about changes to your teeth since you were young? Or, do you find yourself looking at family members or peers whose pearly whites are enviable, and wonder where you went wrong?   Do you feel like you haven’t […]
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Tips To Make Your Dentist Visit Less Stressful

Even if you have a great relationship with your dentist, it’s not uncommon to feel nervous about climbing into the dentist chair. We all know how getting dental work done can stir uncomfortable anxieties. And, with some treatments subjecting you to physical discomfort on top of it, anxiety might seem unavoidable.   Feeling anxious about […]
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Summer Oral Health Tips

Every season has its charm. Summertime has warmth and sunshine, and all the activities that come with it. Perhaps you’ve noticed that, as soon as the sunny weather starts, your diet and eating habits change with it. Outdoor feasts are a summer luxury that means eating richer foods and ice cream treats. And, in the […]
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Dental Implants – Immediate Placement Or Not?

Dental implants are modern medicine’s permanent answer for lost teeth. Although there is no perfect substitute for a natural tooth, after centuries of man’s ingenuity we can say that contemporary implants are the best solution for replacing teeth and all their functionality.  What is a dental implant?   A dental implant is specifically the replacement […]
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Knocked out: Is there hope for lost teeth?

Whether by taking a fall or sustaining another physical injury to the mouth, especially among children, you could have a tooth knocked out of place in you jaw. This type of injury typically happens among single-rooted teeth, since multiple-rooted teeth have wider spread roots that better anchor them in the jaw and are protected further […]
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