Things We’re Thankful For In Arlington, Texas

Here at the office of Dr. Mark Marchbanks, we are Arlington proud and wanted to compile a list of things we love about this city in light of this week of thanks.    With a population of 392,772 and an average age of 33, there are plenty of reasons why this city is succeeding, and […]

6 Local Hotspots for Dog-friendly Dining

You know the look—you say, “walk,” and Fido goes crazy. Most pooches love a good car ride, too, and get just as excited when it’s time to run errands together. But take either of these and add a meal to the mix, and you’ll have the happiest pup possible. There are loads of dog-friendly bars, […]

Curving Cravings Like a Pro

The goal to eat healthy starts out easy in the morning.  You are fresh.  Ready to load up on protein and hold firm against the food temptations thrown at you during the day.  Then you get to work.  You forgot it was your boss’ birthday.  Why is it always someone’s birthday?  To celebrate your coworker […]

Know Your Teeth – What To Do In a Dental Emergency

Few things in life are certain; however, about as certain as death and taxes are the prevalence of medical and dental emergencies in the middle of the night.  The late hour and diminished ability to reach a medical professional also heighten the sense of how urgent the situation is.  First, if it is a serious […]

Covering All of the Bases: Teaching Your Children to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

The lifestyle that you raise your child in is the one they are most likely to revert to. If they are raised with fast food for every meal then this might be how they eat once they are adults. What is worse is that they will teach their children the same lifestyle choices that they […]

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