The Great Debate: Can Genetics Cause Cavities?

Just like professionals in every field of work, sometimes dentists disagree on medical theories. One of the most popular areas of disagreement and lively engagement surrounds the theory that dental genetics plays a leading role in the likelihood someone will have cavities.    Some patients deflect the perceived embarrassment of poor teeth on that they […]

The Unknown History of Chewing Gum

There are many aspects of modern dentistry that have ties back to ancient times. From primitive toothbrushes to tooth fillings in ancient Egypt, we’ve learned and progressed significantly from practices originally used thousands of years ago.    However, what if we told you chewing gum history is just as storied as some of the practices […]

How Else To Invest In Your Child’s Health

We all want to invest in our children and ensure they’re able to live up to their full potential. Whether by choosing the best schools or investing for college, as parents we are constantly evaluating our child’s needs.    With regards to their health, we also invest in their future by ensuring that they receive […]

Final Exam Care Packages for College Students

There are a lot of parents out there with college students who are entering final exam time. Whether it’s their first year or their senior year, there is still a lot of stress and little extra time to take care of life’s necessities.    This time of year is the perfect opportunity to send your […]

Can Baby Teeth Erode?

 We all understand the importance of oral health in adulthood since we only get one set of permanent teeth! What about baby teeth, though? Particularly from the frame of mind of a child. Since baby teeth aren’t designed to remain with you throughout life, does it matter if a child gets a cavity or suffers […]