New Habits Aren’t JUST for the Start of the New Year

We’ve all done it. We’ve all made a New Year’s resolution, and within a matter of weeks (or days), we’ve already broken our promise to ourselves. You’re not alone, and you must remember you’re not perfect. You’re human.     And, with being human, it’s fact that both memory and motivation will fail you. That is […]

What’s In A Root Canal?

There’s dentistry and then there’s “endodontic treatment.” So, what’s the difference? Is one a smaller part of the other?   The word “endodontic” stems from the Greek words for “inside” (endo) and “tooth” (odont). Together, the meaning of a root canal treatment is brought to a term. Endodonic therapy is actually a tooth-saving branch of […]

When And Why Are Fillings Replaced?

“All good things come to an end is” a saying used as a near-proverb to remind us that, realistically, all things are temporary. When referring to the fillings in your mouth, this truism is a cautionary and realistic tale that can help you understand, and be prepared, for the day that your fillings are ready […]

Out With The Old, In With The New

What are you most happy to move on from in the year 2017?     Did you go through some trying times last year? A death? A change in job? A health issue? Or, were you affected by a love one who was going through one of those scenarios?     This how-to touches on some of […]

Resolutions for 2018

We’ve all made them, and some of us like making them more than others. “Resolution” as a word itself has meaning; it means to have an intention, make a decision, plan, commitment, or promise. So, it comes as no surprise that with a fresh start to a new year, most of the population would like […]

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