Healthiest Holiday Eating—Thanksgiving 2018

It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is already here! Here at home in Arlington, Texas, the temperatures have dropped, and everywhere you look the halls are being decked. If you’re like us, then it is hard to think about Christmas when we still have so much to do for Thanksgiving! For many, the Thanksgiving meal […]

What Makes Dental Service For Kids Special

When you think of the services offered at Dr. Marchbanks’ Arlington, TX office, we’re sure you can easily name at least a half dozen things our office offers. From routine cleanings to root canals to Invisalign and teeth whitening and everything in-between, our office provides services to take care of most dental issues you’ll ever […]

The Web Special You’ll Love Smiling About

With holiday parties and family photos right around the corner, what’s the one thing that most people want to feel like they’re looking their best?    When surveyed, most people want to be skinnier or generally look better when it comes to holiday engagements. However, with the combination of Halloween candy and Thanksgiving feasts, many […]

How to Protect Yourself in Flu Season

This video, produced by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), outlines how to protect yourself and your whole family from the flu. It debunks common myths associated with the flu shot, too. The easy-to-watch short video reminds viewers how to practice preventative measures to stay protected from the flu as well as spreading […]

Stress-Free Lives

As the temperature begins to drop, it serves as a reminder that we have some major holidays right around the corner. And remembering Halloween costumes, planning travel and then adding in holiday gifts, it’s no wonder that this time of year is identified as a time when national stress levels rise the most.    More […]