Dental Services For Children

At our dental office, we are dedicated to treating your whole family—and that includes your children! We are routinely asked if our practice is able to accommodate kids, or if it is necessary for a child to go to a pediatric dentist. The great news is that we are able to start seeing patients as […]

Toothy Trivia to Engage the Weary Mind

Everyone in our office loves a little bit of trivia! In the spirit of getting ready for back to school, we thought we’d compile a list of fun facts we’ve batted around recently…let’s see if we can get your brain back a whir!    Here’s our team’s list of the top 25 fun facts…about your […]

Teeth Whitening—Too Much of a Good Thing?

Teeth whitening is one our most popular cosmetic procedures—and for good reason! One quick appointment will leave you feeling more confident in your smile, and with a little extra pep in your step.     The best part about in-office whitening is that the color lasts for at least a year. This means you can save […]

A Case For The Curious: Dental Sealants

The most common question asked by our patients, particularly those with young children, is what is the best preventative measure to ward off cavities? While we all know that brushing and flossing are vitally important, sometimes we need to rely on outside methods to add another protective barrier.    Today we will walk you through […]

College Supplies For North Texas Students

Many of our patients are headed off to college this year, some of them freshman. Prepping for your first year living away from home can be not only daunting, but expensive.   In order to help you pack with even bigger excitement and not spend too much money (college tuition is expensive enough), we’ve made […]