How Do You (Or Should You) Bribe Your Kids For Good Oral Health?

Parents, can we let you in on a little secret from us in the dental community? We have used candy or other sweets as bribery to get our own children to eat their vegetables or get out the door on time. Are we proud of it since, as professionals, we advocate for fewer sugary treats […]

A Quick Guide and Timeline to the Eruption of the Baby Teeth

A baby grows two sets of teeth. The first are a set of twenty baby teeth, also known as the milk teeth or primary teeth. Primary teeth start falling out at as early as 6 years of age, allowing room for thirty-two permanent teeth. The last permanent teeth to erupt are called the wisdom teeth, […]

How Often You Should Replace your Toothbrush and What Happens if You Don’t

Toothbrushes are part of the trinity of regular oral hygiene that also includes flossing and regular dental exams. Unfortunately, it’s the only one of the three that can pose as much of a threat to your dental health as it can optimize it. Replacing your toothbrush is very important. Otherwise, it’s effectiveness at removing bacteria, […]

8 Signs that Your Baby May Be Teething

Young couples, blessed with their first child, wait eagerly for the day when their baby will cut its first teeth. It is generally possible to guess when they will based on some general symptoms, sometimes alongside one or more of the others. How early will parents be able translate the signs? That varies from baby […]

How to Get Your Little One Ready to Visit the Dentist

A common question asked by parents is how to prepare their children for their first dental visit. Usually the child in question is older than the recommended age, or they have multiple teeth already pushing up. The American Association of Pediatric Dentistry states that the early you can bring your child in, either when the […]

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