Can Baby Teeth Erode?

 We all understand the importance of oral health in adulthood since we only get one set of permanent teeth! What about baby teeth, though? Particularly from the frame of mind of a child. Since baby teeth aren’t designed to remain with you throughout life, does it matter if a child gets a cavity or suffers […]

Best Remedies for Snoring – The Top 10

Snoring is a common condition that can affect men, women, children, even your pets may snore. But while the occasional snoring is nothing to be concerned about, a habitual pattern of nightly snoring can lead to an array of health problems. Lack of quality sleep, increased daily fatigue and even mood swings can plague you […]

Diseases that a Good Dentist can Detect [List]

Since our mouth is the gateway to our health, it only stands to reason that our dentist may be the first to notice something’s wrong. In fact, a dentist can detect signs of more than 100 diseases during a routine oral exam. That’s one reason dental professionals and the American Dental Association encourages everyone to […]

How Crown lengthening and Veneers can Fix an Overly Gummy Smile

Of all the cosmetic issues patients have brought to our office, a “gummy” smile is mentioned occasionally. This is when a person feels uncomfortable with the amount of gums that show when they smile. Many factors can contribute to this disproportional smile, and half as many procedures to correct whatever isn’t working. Veneers are one […]

A Quick Guide and Timeline to the Eruption of the Baby Teeth

A baby grows two sets of teeth. The first are a set of twenty baby teeth, also known as the milk teeth or primary teeth. Primary teeth start falling out at as early as 6 years of age, allowing room for thirty-two permanent teeth. The last permanent teeth to erupt are called the wisdom teeth, […]