How to Keep the Kiddos Busy Over Winter Break

As the Texas temperatures wildly swing from balmy in the morning to downright frigid at night it is hard to make plans and ensure your kids aren’t sitting at home reminding you how bored they are all winter break.  As an aside, don’t you wish you fully took advantage of how great you had it […]

Family Friendly Halloween Activities in the DFW

As the temperatures finally begin to dip, it is it the perfect time to get out and experience all the family-friendly Halloween events happening around town.  Grab your little ghost and goblin and head out on an adventure that is suitable for the whole family.  While some Halloween activities are geared more for the PG-13 […]

DFW Guide: The Best Pumpkin Patches

Fall is officially here, and while you have been preparing your fall wardrobe since the day after Labor Day, it is now more seasonably appropriate to begin decorating your home.   If completing Pinterest-worthy decoration projects that all seem to incorporate leaves hand-dipped in glitter (who has time for that?!) isn’t your idea of a fall […]

Texas Sized Homecoming in a Nutshell

Back to school in Texas means one thing: Friday night football.  Movies and TV shows have immortalized and popularized this unique experience.  The cheerleaders, the band, the drill team, the football team, and the fans all come together one Friday a week to unify the school and community behind Texas’ most ubiquitous pastime: high school […]

A Cavity-Fighting Liquid Lets Kids Avoid Dentists’ Drills

Nobody looks forward to having a cavity drilled and filled by a dentist. Now there’s an alternative: an antimicrobial liquid that can be brushed on cavities to stop tooth decay – painlessly. read more at

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