Covering All of the Bases: Teaching Your Children to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

The lifestyle that you raise your child in is the one they are most likely to revert to. If they are raised with fast food for every meal then this might be how they eat once they are adults. What is worse is that they will teach their children the same lifestyle choices that they were taught. There is a plethora of information on living a healthy lifestyle available online. The excuse of not knowing is no longer valid as most questions can be answered with a smartphone in a matter of seconds. Your children deserve to be as healthy as possible so start living healthy and teaching your children to do the same with these tips.

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Be The Example

The odds are that if a parent doesn’t adopt a healthy lifestyle then their children will not either. Children model many behaviors after their parents whether it is brushing their teeth or the way they interact with others. Be the person that your child can look to for a healthy example when they are unsure of things. Teaching your children about a healthy lifestyle is great but not practicing what is taught makes the lesson null. The easiest way to be a great example is to put yourself into a routine. This will make a huge difference as living this healthy lifestyle will become like second nature. Whether it is dieting or going to the gym it is important to break bad habits and make lifestyle changes. A bad habit is easy to fall back into but changing an entire lifestyle is incredibly difficult.

Educate Yourself

The most important thing to do is to educate yourself on a healthy lifestyle. Some people were raised thinking eating certain things were healthy when clearly they were not. There are so many myths about nutrition that it is important to do some research to find out what is true and what is not. Use this education to teach your children about correct habits in nutrition as well as hygiene. Do not just brush up on nutrition as oral health is essential to teach young children. Parents that do not take their children to the dentist until after their baby teeth have fallen out are already too late. Teaching children to take care of their teeth is a life lesson that they will continue to practice into adulthood.

Teach Your Children To Cook

This does not mean to teach your kindergartener how to cook learning to cook is extremely important. Once your teen or mature child learns to cook this will be a skill they can use for life. Many teens adopt a terrible diet in college on account of not being able to cook. They resort to eating out for every meal which is never healthy. Combine that with the fact that eating out is extremely expensive and this makes this a no brainer. Start with simple things to cook like meats and vegetables. Even the most basic cooking skills will be fine as cooking is all reading directions once you have a general idea of what you are doing. Test your kids and assign one night a week that they will be cooking the family dinner. This will save you and your significant other time while teaching the kids a lesson.

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Implement Exercise Into Their Daily Routine

Routine is something that should be stressed when it comes to healthy living. Sports allow a child to get into a routine that keeps them quite active. Allow your child to try a variety of sports until they find one that they enjoy. Pushing a child too hard in a sport can lead to burnout and in severe cases even injury. Whether you are doing calisthenics as a family or the kids work out together, get them in a routine during the week as it will do wonders for their health.On the weekends it can be fun to do something active as a family. This could be taking a hike or even swimming around in a pool for a while. Bonding as a family while exercising can be fun and the kids will be working out without realizing it. Teens sometimes can bond with their mother or father by going to the gym together. Embrace this as this gives you the opportunity to teach your teen appropriate form. Many young men including myself cherish the times working out at the gym with my father.

Lessons that children learn from their parents about health important as these lessons could follow them for life. The most important thing that you can do is educate your children. Once they have moved out of the house they will make their own decisions. A parent’s job is to make sure the decision is an educated one!

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