Crest two-step toothpaste, does it work?

Advances in technology have often signaled better health for humans. Crest released a new two step toothpaste called Crest Pro-Health HD in February 2015 that claims to give the user a six time healthier mouth and a six time whiter smile in just one week. That sounds like an amazing toothpaste.

To be upfront with the readers, this article is based off of information about the toothpaste ingredients and a collection of commentary made by reviewers on different sites, including Amazon and Crest’s website. Most of the reviewers of the toothpaste received their product for free for publicity purposes. This article is intended to inform and not to be a review of the product.

Crest’s new toothpaste is intended to give the user a whiter and healthier smile within one week. This is achieved through a two-step process. The first step is the purifying cleanser paste that scrubs away plaque. Step two consists of brushing with a perfecting gel to whiten and polish teeth. The process of using these two pastes to brush with requires the user to brush with the first paste for one minute, spit, but not rinse her mouth, and then brush with the second paste for one minute. All in all, these two steps shouldn’t take more than 15 extra seconds than a normal, thorough oral hygiene routine. Dentists recommend brushing twice a day, for two minutes each time.

Most of the users who tried the new Crest Pro-Health HD toothpaste thought that the two step process was easy to follow and didn’t take up much more of their time. One user pointed out that the first step has a pop-off top while the second step has a screw-off top, making the tubes a little more difficult to open and store because they’re different.

Comments specifically about the first step of the toothpaste ranged from users who liked the lightly minty, wintergreen flavor to those who thought the paste was grittier and grimier than other toothpastes. Part of the polishing effect of this toothpaste comes from it more abrasive texture.

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Comments specifically about the second step were mostly about its active ingredients and the taste. Many people found the second paste to taste slightly like peroxide or chemicals and less like mint. The second paste includes stannous fluoride which is used to strengthen teeth. One side effect of stannous fluoride though is brown staining of the teeth. This stain goes away for most people, but some will have to have their teeth cleaned by a dentist to remove it. (There’s even a warning label on the back of the package.) Many also complained that the toothpaste turned their gums white for a period of time and made their teeth more sensitive to extreme temperatures, which is a common side-effect of all whitening agents. Many reviewers also thought that brushing with this gel (which means it doesn’t foam) was a lot easier than using whitening strips.

All in all, most reviewers did think that their mouth felt cleaner and healthier while using this toothpaste. Many even said that their morning breath became less pronounced while using this toothpaste. Whether that is due to oral hygiene diligence in spending two minutes brushing morning and night or if that is due to the two step process of Crest Pro-Health HD toothpaste, that cannot be determined. If you’d like to decide for yourself if this is a great product or just ok, beware of the hefty price tag. The suggested retail price is $14.99 but the product can be found online for less. If you’ve tried this toothpaste, comment and let us know what you thought!

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