Dentist to the Stars Speaks!


When Marilyn Monroe came to Dr. LeRoy Nissan for teeth whitening, he told her “Yours are the best set of teeth I’ve ever seen…Go back and tell that to your director.”

And Marilyn’s wasn’t the only world-famous smile he was responsible for. Ginger Rogers, Howard Hughes, Clark Gable and Olivia de Havilland were all client’s of his Southern California practice, a practice that was, at the time, on the absolute cutting edge of technology and operative techniques.

As a youth in rural Utah, Dr. Nissan could not have imagined going on to work for such a sparkling clientele. Like Ms. Monroe herself, he grew up in a rural community and remembers a time before indoor plumbing and air conditioning.

It was the Air Force that took him away, and ultimately led to his career as one of the foremost dentists in the United States during the 1960s. The University of Southern California recognized him with an award for “excellence in Operative Techniques”, and it wasn’t long before he was offered the chance to take over an established and well-respected California practice. He and his wife, though, never let it go to their heads. In addition to raising their 5 biological children, Dr. Nissan and his high school sweetheart also took in dozen of foster children over the years.

At 94 years young, Dr. LeRoy Nissan has outlived many of his most famous clients. He and his wife are happily living out their retirement in southern Utah, not far from where they grew up.

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Dr. Nissan, we salute you. Your career has been an inspiration. Keep smiling!

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