Early Morning Spots Near Arlington!

Ever have one of those days where you wake up really early and just can’t seem to get back to sleep? Instead of tossing and turning and getting frustrated trying to get a little more shut eye, consider getting up early to conquer the day. 


Before you laugh and say no way, we aren’t advocating for this to be a daily occurrence. And while we are all used to experiencing the metroplex city in regular daylight and nighttime hours, have you ever hit the town pre-6am? There is something magical about getting out before the sun rises and watching the city wake up together. There are also added perks to being the early bird: picking up breakfast before the crowds, or hitting the gym while it is still empty. 


If you find yourself staring at the ceiling in the wee hours of the morning, consider hitting the town and visiting some of these local establishments that keep the midnight oil burning. 

 Do you need a new morning spot?

Be the first for breakfast 


Cafe Brazil calls itself a coffee house, but the truth is that it’s so much more. With locations all over the metroplex—and many of them open 24/7—you always have the opportunity to get M&M-loaded pancakes or sip one of their dozens of brewed coffees. This local establishment has been a Dallas staple for almost 30 years. Most locations are smaller, so if you are up super early you are likely to get a seat.  


If you’re headed to work later in the morning in Forth Worth and looking for a place to grab breakfast before the sun rises, try Vickery Diner, which opens at 6am. This traditional-looking diner serves home-cooked classics plus dishes with a local Texas twist like the Stockyards omelet.  


Watch the sun rise 


If you’re rising early due to lots on your mind, then sometimes finding a quiet spot to watch the sun rise and meditate can lower stress levels and get your day started off right. The Cedar Ridge Nature Preserve offers a scenic surrounding to watch the sun come up. Featuring a unique wooden tower that you can climb, this preserve affords you unobstructed views of this beautiful area we call home.  


If you’re looking for somewhere with a little more activity, Klyde Warren Park in downtown Dallas allows you to both people watch and chat with other early risers as you wait for the sun rise. Klyde Warren is a favorite location for joggers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Be on the lookout for activities, like outdoor yoga, to join in with as well! 


Get sweaty 


If you’re up, you might as well start your day out productively by getting a workout in. The metroplex offers a diverse array of options that start as early as 5am. Clamp Gladiator is an outdoor fitness program with classes all over DFW. Started in Dallas, it has now expanded across the country and is lauded as a great workout and method to build agility and endurance. Another benefit to Camp Gladiator is the relationship-building aspect. The founders wanted to create a place to not only work on your fitness but to create friendships as well. For the early risers, this is a great place to start your day.  


Seizing the day by getting a jump start in the morning can be both productive and beneficial for your health. We are always looking for great places to start our day, so let us know your favorite spots in the comments below!

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