Final Exam Care Packages for College Students

There are a lot of parents out there with college students who are entering final exam time. Whether it’s their first year or their senior year, there is still a lot of stress and little extra time to take care of life’s necessities. 


This time of year is the perfect opportunity to send your student a care package. To take the hassle out of thinking what to include, we’ve provided a go-to list on what to put into the box! Remember to include extras since roommates will be looking to share! 

 Care package ideas

Useful items 


Let’s start with the necessary items first. Since it’s the end of the year, school supplies might be running short. Include a couple of pencils, pens, highlighters and sticky notes. If your child is moving out of the dorm or having to pack up all their belongings for the summer, consider buying things cheap since all these items could get thrown away in the end of the year cleanup.  


And speaking of that, if deep cleaning will need to take place prior to heading out for the summer, add supplies to the package. This will prevent your student from having to run to the store while also juggling studying, packing, and sleeping. 


Brainpower food 


While chips and sweets may be fun to nibble on while pouring over books, it’s important your student maintains a healthy diet. Nuts—specifically walnuts—are a top food for brain health. Visit the Vending Nut Company in Fort Worth to create a custom nut combination specifically tailored for your child. If you can’t make it to their store, they also sell gift tins that can be shipped directly. Dried fruits, granola bars and bottles of water are also great options to include. 


Fun food 


In addition to healthy food, everyone loves a treat now and then. Finals are the perfect excuse to send a favorite treat! In addition to candy, consider treating them to themed iced cookies. You can order custom cookies featuring the college mascot or colors from local Fort Worth bakery, Haute Cakes and Cookies. If your student is local, Tiff’s Treats is another option and an easy way to send warm chocolate chip cookies and milk straight to the library!  


Gift cards 


In addition to the stress, the end of the year can get expensive. Between putting deposits down for new apartments and all the opportunities to go out with friends one last time, money can easily become tight. Include gift cards to your student’s favorite restaurants or coffee shops to help ease the financial burden. 


Add a note 


Finish the care package off with a note of encouragement. With tensions running high and stress from tests and papers piling up, a reminder of the support of your parents can mean a lot. No matter how old your child is, a sincere note can change their day. If your child is returning for the summer, remind them that you are happy to have them home. It can be hard to transition from the freedom of college back into the home with rules and curfews. Reminding them they are welcome and that you’re happy to have them will make the transition easier.  


School is almost over and, with it, finals! If you have any favorites for care packages, make sure to let us know for our packages next year!

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