Halloween Fails

Hey, we can’t all do Halloween well. Some of us are going to fail, big time. And while we’d never begrudge someone from going out on a limb for a costume, sometimes these misadventures can lead to some serious Halloween hilarity.

Let’s take a look at the 10 biggest Halloween fails from the past few years. And remember – we’re laughing WITH you, not AT you.

1. Whatever You Say, Buddy


 This guy’s got it all, ladies – or at least, he thinks he does.

2. Glitter Disaster

Well…we’ve seen worse pumpkin ideas, but none that look like the creator just gave up halfway through.

3.  Nightmare on Sesame Street

GAHHH! This Bert and Ernie duo crossed over from cute to creepy.

4. I Give Up

 C’mon, man, that’s just not even trying.

5. Good Idea, Bad Execution

This was apparently supposed to be an “eyeball truffle.” Not quite.

6. …what?


Alright, well, that’s the strangest thing that could’ve happened.

7. Skeleton Down

This grocery store display had a bit too much Halloween fun, clearly.

8. Iron/Cardboard Man

Wow, those budget cuts at Stark Industries are really showing.

9. Wolverine – Now With a Full Dinner Set!

I don’t think that’s how Wolverine’ claws work, but then again, I’ve never been an X-Men guy.

10. That’s Not How I Remembered That Role

Boy, the new Batman movies are taking the Joker in a completely different direction, huh?

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