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Invisalign® in Arlington, TX

Do you want straighter teeth, but the thought of brackets, metal and months or years of treatment make you quickly change your mind?

Forget everything you’ve heard about teeth straightening, because a new, proven technology now exists that lets you straighten your teeth with the most discrete system possible.

Invisalign in Arlington, Texas

What is Invisalign®?

Invisalign® uses a series of clear, removable aligners to gradually straighten teeth.

They are pain-free and also require less trips to the orthodontist or dentist. Invisalign® is a virtually invisible solution so you can smile proudly during as well as after treatment.

How well do they work?

For Invisalign®, Dr. Marchbanks uses 3D computer imaging technology to develop a treatment plan for your teeth. He takes images from the initial position of your teeth and creates images of the final desired position.

Then a series of custom-made aligners are produced. Each aligner moves teeth incrementally and is worn for about two weeks. After two weeks, you replace the aligner with the next in the series, until the final position is achieved.

Invisalign® allows you to view your own virtual results before you even start treatment. You can also make changes to the final outcome!

Get started with Invisalign® today.

Dr. Marchbanks can determine which treatment is best for you after a FREE in-office consultation so you can feel good about your smile! To schedule an appointment at the dentist office in Arlington TX, call 817-261-2747.

Since Invisalign® is custom-made to fit your needs, the cost of Invisalign® varies for each patient. Our cases typically range from $3,500 to $5,000. We have several financing options available to help you fit Invisalign® into your budget:

  • 12 month no-interest payment plan
  • Limited-time free teeth whitening with all new Invisalign® cases

If the thought of clear braces sounds much better than shiny metal ones, then Invisalign is just the answer you’ve been looking for. Call Dr. Marchbanks to get on the path to straight teeth, minus the look of traditional braces.

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