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We understand it can be hard to find time after work to go to the gym. With school pick-ups and cooking dinner, then bedtime, it’s no wonder that you just want to crash on the couch by the time 8:30 hits. However, we also know the importance of exercise for both your oral and your overall health (yes, even for your oral health)! 


Lack of exercise can lead to Type II diabetes, which can cause a host of health issues we treat including tooth decay and tooth loss. So, in order to get in those miles and raise your heart rate, we suggest getting in a lunchtime workout if you just can’t make it happen after work. Since many people have the opportunity to escape the office during the lunch hour, we have included our list of best tips and tricks on how to make this work and not come back a sweaty mess.  

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Come prepared 


Since time is limited, it’s important to find a gym close to your office (if your office doesn’t have one of its own). If you’re looking for inspiration, try out Fort Worth’s many Orange Theory fitness locations for a heart pumping workout that will get you in and out fast. 


Try looking for high intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts that are meant to be shorter in duration, but only because you push yourself to the max in every set of exercises. BURN Dallas offers 45-minute classes at noon. Make sure to book ahead since this is a popular time. 


In addition to choosing a gym with lunchtime options, it’s important to be prepared with all the things you will need to work out with. Pack a bag with your clothes, shoes and a pre-filled water bottle, and leave it in your car in the morning. This way you can easily move from work to workout. If you know how long it takes you change at the studio out of your work clothes, then don’t deviate from that routine. Keep your routine as consistent as possible to streamline it and shave off precious minutes. 


Freshen up 


How to freshen up after a lunch time workout is one of the biggest hindrances to incorporating this into your daily routine. Many gyms offer showers so you can quickly rinse off. Consider applying dry shampoo to your hair for another time-saving trick. If your gym doesn’t offer a shower, there are lots of fresh wipes on the market that you can wipe down with after your session, too. While it doesn’t fully make up for not showering, it will at least prevent you from stinking up a room. 


Dental benefits 


We all know the cardiovascular benefits of working out, but what about the benefits to your mouth? 


First, a higher body mass index (BMI) is correlated to oral health problems. For example, hypertension and diabetes reduce oxygen flow to the mouth, This leads to the constriction of blood vessels, which can lead to gum disease and tooth loss. Studies have shown that individuals who maintained a healthy BMI were 40% less likely to have periodontal disease. 


It’s our goal to keep our patients’ whole body healthy. Getting the daily recommended amount of exercise is one way to accomplish this goal. Working out combined with a healthy diet is good for your teeth as well as the whole body. 


If you have any other tips to squeezing in a lunch time workout, leave us a comment!

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