Make Your Teeth Merry and Bright with a Dental Check-Up this Holiday Break

As you rev up for the holiday season and make plans for all the fun you’ll be having with family and friends, there’s something you should consider. Winter break is the perfect time to schedule an appointment with your dentist. Not only will some of your regular commitments, such as school schedules, shift and allow some time but you may even have a visiting family or friend who could watch your kiddos if you need it. In addition, you may have insurance benefits expiring, so what better way to use them than to make your pearly whites shine for the holidays and upcoming New Year?

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Don’t Waste Insurance Premiums

Health care has been a big topic over the last few years and premiums are at an all time high. If you’ve been paying into your dental plan, don’t waste your money! Those benefits are sure to expire on December 31st, so give you dental office a call and utilize them. It will benefit your mouth and your wallet!

Why Your Teeth Need Examined

The American Dental Association recommends bi-annual dental check-ups with good reasoning. Adults and children alike need to have their teeth examined this often to ensure that any issues are caught early on and prevention measures are taken. When a dental professional looks over your teeth, he or she can look for signs of dental caries, gingivitis, gum disease, or oral cancer. Additionally, the development of children’s teeth can be compared to previous visits and growing misalignments can be addressed and orthodontic plans discussed. This also gives them a refresher course on brushing and flossing from someone other than their parents, and can help set them up for a lifetime of healthy oral care habits. By having this done every six months, you’re saving time and money.


Polish Up Your Pearly Whites

Along with your exam, it’s a great idea to get your teeth thoroughly cleaned. Six months is a long time for bacteria to build-up plaque and tartar along teeth, and a professional cleaning is the best way to get rid of it. By doing so, you’ll prevent the possibility of the above mentioned oral concerns from forming in your oral cavity. Bonus: it will get your smile ready to meet and greet those around you this holiday season, as well as welcome the New Year.

We’re Available

If you’re ready to schedule an appointment, we’ve got openings in December! Dr. Marchbanks and his staff are friendly and professional, and can make your dental work fit seamlessly into your holiday break plans. Give us a call today at (817)261-2747.

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