How Do Tooth Whitening Treatments Work?

We associate a beautiful smile with good oral health—and pearly, bright whites are one of the first measures we look for. Whatever differences we have in body types, fashions and so forth, the desire for a bright smile is universal, which is why tooth whitening is so popular around the world. And its popularity continues […]

How Do Baby Teeth Grow?

Baby teeth—also known as milk, deciduous, or primary teeth—start sprouting between months four and seven after your baby is born, and they keep on erupting until about age three. For as few teeth as there are in your child’s mouth (as compared with an adult jaw), these little teeth seemingly just keep coming in.    […]

Oral Hygiene: The Ultimate Snapshot Guide

We talk about it all the time, and sometimes you find yourself hearing the same lines over and over again. “Brush your teeth; oral hygiene is easy; flossing is really important, too!” But somehow, setting the routine and making the habit for good oral hygiene continues to be hard for most of us.     Oral […]

Tooth Color and Genetics

Do you remember a time when your teeth were whiter? Do you look at photos and think about changes to your teeth since you were young? Or, do you find yourself looking at family members or peers whose pearly whites are enviable, and wonder where you went wrong?   Do you feel like you haven’t […]

Tips To Make Your Dentist Visit Less Stressful

Even if you have a great relationship with your dentist, it’s not uncommon to feel nervous about climbing into the dentist chair. We all know how getting dental work done can stir uncomfortable anxieties. And, with some treatments subjecting you to physical discomfort on top of it, anxiety might seem unavoidable.   Feeling anxious about […]

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