2018 Spring Bucket List of Outdoor Adventures

With warmer weather and longer days, we are always looking for an excuse to get out of the house. While dining al Fresco is a great option for just spending time with friends, sometimes you need something a little different when smaller family members are around or if you want to include your furry family […]

Lunchtime Workouts Possible In Arlington

We understand it can be hard to find time after work to go to the gym. With school pick-ups and cooking dinner, then bedtime, it’s no wonder that you just want to crash on the couch by the time 8:30 hits. However, we also know the importance of exercise for both your oral and your […]

What’s You Need To Know About Smiling

Have you ever met someone that was always smiling? Not the cheesy, fake smile, but a genuine and warm smile that made you feel like they noticed you and that you are important.    In my college, there was a notoriously hard Organic Chemistry professor…the type of instructor that you heard stories about from upper-classmen. […]

Learn The Top Foods (And WORST Foods) For Braces

Getting braces, whether as a child, teen, or adult, requires strict and diligent adherence to good oral health. While you might feel like you’re spending tons of time at the orthodontist, that time in the chair doesn’t allow for slacking at home with forgone brushing or flossing. Since plaque and other bacteria can easily become […]

Plaque? Tartar? What’s the deal?

When you’re at the dentist or listening to commercials on TV, you commonly hear terms like “plaque” and “tartar” thrown around. While we’re all generally familiar with the concepts and know these two things are detrimental to our mouth, how much do we really know about how tartar and plaque occur and what can be […]

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