Orthodontics…It’s More About A Pretty Smile

Many of our patients shy away from cosmetic dentistry procedures since they consider them “unnecessary” or fear judgement for being vain. However, many cosmetic procedures not only make you feel better about your smile, but they also have the added benefit of boosting oral health and protecting your teeth and gums.  

 Are orthodontics for more than just straight teeth?

Your dental health has an overall impact on your bodily health and comfort, too. Orthodontic treatments are one example of cosmetic dentistry that can actually improve your overall oral health, and thereby the rest.  


Don’t you think your teeth have a little to do with eating, for example? That will impact every aspect of your health, from digestion to blood flow to brain function.  


Most people assume the orthodontist is just for tweens and teens, too. However, the truth is that patients of any age can see an orthodontist and reap the benefits—both the superficial and the much deeper health benefits.  


If you are curious about if orthodontic treatments would work for you, stop by our office in Arlington, TX for a consultation and referral! 


Benefits of orthodontic treatments  

1. Studies have shown that a bright, straight smile increases happiness and boosts self-esteem. For starters, it measurably helps increase your self-confidence. And when you are self-confident, you’re able to positively impact others, take control your emotions and behave responsibly life chooses to happen. All of theses qualities can better your quality of life and have health benefits, too.  


However, orthodontic treatment is much more than just a way to increase confidence—although that is a major component!  

2. Straightening your teeth through orthodontia also helps to decrease oral disease. As your teeth straighten, deep crevices that harbor harmful bacteria are diminished. Without orthodontic treatment, these “hiding places” can allow for food to build up. This buildup can turn into plaque, cavities and eventually form into periodontal disease if not treated.  

3. Damaging your gums can also lead to serious and adverse health effects around your mouth. Gums are comprised of soft tissue that surround the teeth and provide a seal to prevent food and other foreign objects from passing through. Unlike other soft tissues in the oral cavity like the lips and cheeks, your gums are bound tightly to the underlying bone. Gum disease can build slowly and progress over time, and many people don’t realize they have a serious problem until the disease has caused significant damage to your mouth—cheeks, palate, lips and all.  

4. Orthodontia can also help prevent and minimize jaw issues. Orthodontists examine how you bite and look for misalignment that could eventually lead to serious conditions like TMJ. Those who suffer from TMJ pain typically identify pain under the jaw, aching facial pain and difficulty chewing as some of the tale-tell symptoms. If symptoms persist, it’s important to seek care to discuss treatment options.  

5. Fixing misaligned teeth allows your bite pattern to improve and keeps teeth from wearing down unevenly. Additionally, without proper jaw alignment, your teeth may eventually weaken and be more susceptible to chipping and breaking off, which can lead to infections and extraction of teeth. 

6. Finally, orthodontic treatment can help align teeth that protrude too far out. This is particularly prevalent in young children and may be referred as to having “buck teeth”. In addition to the cosmetic consideration, protruding teeth can present a danger when playing contact sports. It can also alter chewing and hinder proper digestion.  




While our office does not offer a full array of orthodontic treatment, we are happy to refer you to one of the numerous providers in the Metroplex. In addition, we can ensure your teeth are in top share prior to beginning any treatment. Call our office today if you are curious about what options are available.  

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