Out With The Old, In With The New

What are you most happy to move on from in the year 2017?  


Did you go through some trying times last year? A death? A change in job? A health issue? Or, were you affected by a love one who was going through one of those scenarios?  


This how-to touches on some of the harder things that come our way, and how to look forward in the New Year with optimism and a fresh approach. We at the office of Dr. Marchbanks believe fundamentally in your holistic health, and want you to have every reason to flash those pearly smiles. So read on to see what we’ve compiled for you. 

 Out with the old, in with the new

While there is no quick-fix solution or process that works for everyone, there are ways all of us can choose to perceive these realities we’re hit with. 


  1. First things first: Change – and the acceptance of change


Change must be made, and will always happen of its own accord (on top of the active changes we choose to make). In all cases, you have to recognize when the universe—or your gut—is saying it’s time to make a necessary change. Because, as we all know, growth only happens outside of your comfort zone. So, your best bet is to embrace it…which is where the magic of perception comes in.  


  1. Next: Perception – and, in our opinion, the most important concept


If you’re perceiving life in a negative way, you are most likely going to deal with the emotions brought on by the immediate circumstances of the situation without more proactive forethought. If you aren’t adept enough to catch the negative thoughts when you have them, once you do catch yourself reaffirm the negative thoughts with positive ones. 


Example: Replace “I am never going to be able to pay this $2,000 debt” with “If I make 24 payments of $83.33 a month, I will be debt free from this situation in two years”. Not only in that example did you reaffirm your thought pattern from negative to positive, you accepted the reality of the situation and you made a plan…which can help calm anxiety and help you refocus on the other things that need your attention in life. Because, “affirmation without discipline is the beginning of delusion.” (Jim Rohn) 


  1. Overcoming


Now that you’ve taken the time to choose your perspective through acceptance, feeling the emotions and then listening to your true inner thoughts, it’s time to move forward. 


Nothing ever happened by staying stagnant, so it’s time to move. The failsafe pattern to get moving again is: find inspiration, strategize, and take action.  


  • Inspiration brings positivity, hope and desire—all things that can propel you forward away from feelings of despair that can creep up at any moment. 


  • Strategizing is a whole lot easier when you see a situation for what it is and take on a positive mentality. It makes your figurative escape plan for a place you don’t want to be. Create the vision of where you’re going so that making the necessary moves toward it become your conscious decision to move forward, giving you a solid action plan to follow. 


  • Finally, take action! This one is easier said than done, but the lack of action is where people fail in New Year’s resolutions, even after choosing a healthy perspective, feeling all of the feelings, and listening to their inner monologue—in the end, they still make the choice to not take action. But not making a choice is just as deliberate as making a choice. One just takes you to a higher place than the other. 


Perception, enduring, and overcoming are nothing without changing your status quo. Seek out the people who support, encourage, believe and care about you. When you can remember you’re not alone and you have people who love you (quality over quantity), overcoming life’s obstacles can seem easier. 

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