Summer Dining Picks: Arlington Resident’s Top 15 Favorite Hole-In-The-Wall Restaurants

An interesting discussion in the Arlington Texas Talks (ATT) public Facebook group broke out a few weeks when one of the members asked about Mom and Pop places to eat. He didn’t much care about cleanliness (in his own words) but just some really delicious food. Hours later, nearly 135 suggestions were made and 69 restaurant’s names were included in the discussion. When the dust settled, the original guy that posted the question let everyone know he’d taken every suggestion to heart and had checked all of them on Yelp. Did the tastes of his fellow groupers match up with the overall taste preferences of yelp reviewers? Before we find out, let’s take a closer look at Arlington Texas Talk’s discussers’ top 15 Hole-In-The-Wall places to eat. After all, dentists get hungry too!

The Voted Champion – Fork In the Road, Fielder Road


Fork in the Road’s Hawaii 5-0 Burger, a 7oz. burger topped with Pineapple, Cheddar Cheese, Canadian Bacon and Sriracha BBQ Glaze.


Butterfinger fans will salivate for this Fork in the Road’s Butterfinger Creme Brulee.

Fork in the Road was the Facebook group choice of the discussion! Their menu item “Crackaroni” has several people drooling. This place prides itself on natural and local ingredients they use to create timeless American Diner cuisine. They don’t have a website, but they’re serving up drool worthy pictures like the ones above on Facebook. You can also give them a call at (817) 459-3675. They’re open Tuesday through Saturday, 11am to 9pm.

Where to find them: 1821 S. Fielder Rd. Arlington, TX 76013


A close 2nd – Candlelite Inn, Division Street


Candlelite Inn’s unique twist on chicken fried… on a bun!


Beef Enchiladas all melty and cheesy.

Even though the Mexican atmosphere and delicious food put the Candlelite Inn at the top, it was knocked down a peg by a compliant of it going downhill. Still, of all the Mexican restaurants mentioned, this one was by far the most mentioned. Again, no website but you can call them up at (817) 275-9613. Their serving up the good stuff Monday through Thursday 11am to 9pm, Fridays and Saturdays 11am to 10pm.

Where to find them: 1202 E. Division St Arlington, TX 76011Candelite_Inn_1202_E_Division_St,_Arlington,_TX_76011[1]

Third – Mr. B’s Burgers, Pioneer Parkway



The Haley Burger, offering the cheese lover a paradise smothered in American, Swiss, Cheddar-jack, Pepper-jack and Mozzarella.


A modest, yet elevated, classic Reuben done just right!

Being number three is still a great place to hang, and Mr. B’s Burgers was the highest on the list with the most specific menu items that mentioners raved about. From specialty burgers to their “scrumptious patty melt,” this burger joint got some serious bragging rights now. Check out their menu and pictures of satisfied customers on their website or Facebook Page. Better yet, give them a ring at (817) 860-6727.

 Where to find them: 2578 W. Pioneer Pkwy. Arlington, TX 76013


The Tie for 3rd Place – Dino’s Subs, South Collins Street


Dino’s Infamous “The Big D” sandwich, also known as #11.


Another favorite of local Sandwich lovers: The Dino.

This simple deli tied with Mr. B’s with five votes in the ATT discussion. There must be something about their meats that makes them unique. Every comment about them brought up pastrami and ham and bologna… and now I want a sandwich. Their too busy slicing and serving to maintain a website, but you can call them at (817) 274-1140 or stop in between 10am and 10pm any day of the week.

Where to find them: 2221 S. Collins St. Arlington, TX 76010


The first in a Trio for 4th – Sistahs, Arkansas Lane


Sistah's Mississippi Style BBQ Smothered chicken green beans mac n cheese

BBQ Smothered Chicken, a meal rounded out with home made mac ‘n cheese and green beans.

Sistah's Mississippi Style BBQ Brisket Mac n cheese yams

BBQ Brisket, home made mac ‘n cheese, and yams.

Even their road address speaks of Sistahs soul food offers, though technically the establishments full name includes Mississippi Style BBQ. In addition to some seriously fabulous sauce-slathered meat, they offer guests yams, collard greens, beans and rice, and fried catfish. A note: search engines are wrong; They’re closed on Tuesdays, but open Monday, Wednesday to Saturday 11am to 9pm, and Sunday 11am to 5pm. Check out their food-passion on their website or give them a call at (817) 801-4428.

Where to find them: 1420 W. Arkansas Ln. Arlington, TX 76013


Also in 4th – The Flying Fish, Abram Street



These crispy fried catfish and shrimp didn’t fly fast enough!


This trout almondine will fly straight to your mouth, with grilled summer squash and beans in tow.

As a couple people pointed out, The Flying Fish is a small chain, but they still slid into the top 15 favs, so we figured we better include ‘em. Southern choices such as catfish and Tilapia Tacos fill the menu and the prices aren’t bad either. Check out this location-specific website for specials, give them a holler at (817) 303-3335, or stop in 11am to 10pm seven days a week.

Where to find them: 300 E. Abram St. Arlington, TX 76010


Lastly, in 4th – Prince Lebanese Grill, Randol Mill Road

Lamb chop

Spiced Lamb Chops with a flavorful side.

Prince Lebanese Mazza Plate

A lush and colorful Mazza Plate.

Exotic Lebanese flavors mix with a rich heritage to bring Arlington a unique dining experience at Prince Lebanses Grill. The portions are great and the food as fresh as possible. Plus, they totally get to brag that Guy Fieri from the famous Food Network show Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives filmed there! True story; just go to their website and see! To make reservations or ask questions, call (817) 469-1811 or show up Monday through Thursday and Sunday 11am to 9pm, Friday and Saturday 11am to 10pm.

Where to find them: 502 W. Randol Mill Rd. Arlington, TX 76011


The last seven on our list tied with votes:

Danny’s Tacos & Grill, Arkansas Lane


Chicken enchiladas grilled to perfection.


Danny’s Three Taco Special.

This quaint Mexican joint boasts outdoor seating and a proprietor that locals claim to be suave and accommodating. They have a unique schedule, opening at 9am, close at 3pm for a siesta (or probably to make more awesome tacos!) and then reopen at 6pm until 9, Monday through Saturday. Give them a call at 817-449-4357 or check them out online at

Where to find them: 5815 W. Arkansas Ln. Arlington, TX 76016


Main Street Cafe, S. Cooper Street


Main Street’s cheesy ham, bacon, and sausage omelet.


This is how Main Street does breakfast, pancake special style!

You’ll find good old fashion American fare at Main Street Café. Our voters mentioned their breakfasts and fabulous chicken fried steak. Also, yelp reviewers warned that the sign is small, so keep a sharp look out for this place as your driving close by. No website but you can call (817) 801-9099 if you need to. Hours are Monday through Saturday 7am-6pm, and Sunday 7am to 5pm and aren’t on many of the online directories, so be sure to bookmark this post if you need help remembering!

Where to find them: 2023 S. Cooper St. Arlington, TX 76010


Arlington Steak House, Division Street


Arlington Steak House’s Chicken Fried Steak


A simple Dinner Salad at Arlington’s Steak House.

This vintage decorated restaurant has been around over eighty years, and they’ve managed to keep their food simple and home-style. The ATT voters raved about their chicken fried steak and fried chicken, so if you’re normally a fan of these classic American choices, be sure to order them. Give them a jingle or make reservations for large parties at (817) 275-7881. Or if you really want to salivate, head over to their website and stare at the massive steak on the home page.

Where to find them:  1724 W. Division St Arlington, TX 76012


Potager Café, Mesquite Street


Farm fresh and delicious Couscous Quiche and Turkey Gumbo.


Unlike traditional restaurants, the Potager Cafe offers customers to choose what and how much they want. If you ask for a little bit of everything, this is what you’ll get.

The Potager was raved about by ATT, yet no one gave too many details. I dived into their website and discovered a unique dining experience. Everything they serve is fresh from local sources, literally daily picked or delivered, with a menu that caters to the seasons and the customers. Apparently, you tell them how much you will eat and pay what you think the meal was worth. (AKA no set prices!) In addition to their café, they also sell local products in their “other stuff” shop. Note: the shop and cafe have different hours.

Check out product and food-source farm pictures at their website or give them a ring-a-ling at (817) 861-2292. Special food, special serving hours: Tuesday and Wednesday 11am to 3pm, Thursday to Saturday 11am to 9pm, closed Sunday and Monday. They also only take cash or cheques.

Where to find them: 315 S. Mesquite St. Arlington, TX 76010


David’s BBQ, Park Row Drive (Pantego)



Tender brisket, slaw and beans, and some good ol’ Texas toast.


Fall apart ribs with two classic sides.

Yes, yes, we know, it’s not technically in Arlington, but it still got voted as a fav and made it to the top 15. That has to count for something. They’ve been around for over a century and are still serving up authentic Texas Barbeque. Ribs, steak, pulled pork, you name it, they’ve got it soaked in smoke and spice. You can order by the dish or by the pound. Their website is a feast for the eyes, and I’d guess if you called them at (817) 261-9998 you could probably smell the meat cooking through the phone. (Wishful thinking over here.) They’re open Tuesday through Saturday 11am to 9pm.

Where to find them: Village Park Shopping Center, 2224 W. Park Row Dr. Pantego, TX 76013


The Tin Cup, Abram Street



The sandwich that put the Tin Cup in our top 15! The Alamo.


Big, bountiful Caesar Salad.

A simple sandwich shop? Well, not quite! They also boast caramel apples, potato straws, and chicken salad, along with tons of other delicious options. They don’t have a website, but here’s their Facebook page. Feel free to give them a call with questions or to make reservations at (817) 303-5518. They’re open Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm, and Saturday through Sunday 11am to 4pm.

Where to find them:  1025 W. Abram St. Arlington, TX 76013


Moni’s Pizza & Pasta, Randol Mill Road



Moni’s Crab stuffed mushrooms [left] and Michaelangelo Torrellini [right].


A valish bowl of pasta and seafood, listed on the menu as Pesci Platter.

The authentic Italian flavors and awesome prices appeal greatly to the people in ATT that voted for it. They just announced a new menu on their website, so be sure to check it out. They can be reached at (817) 860-6664, and they welcome guests Monday through Saturday 11am to 10pm, and Sunday 11am to 9pm.

Where to find them: 1730 W. Randol Mill Rd. Arlington, TX 76012


Prespa’s, Sublett Road & Arkansas Lane


Hearty and flavorful Chicken Sorrentino with Veggies


Spaghetti overload with some of the best homemade meat sauce in the state!

This Italian restaurant duo has a touch of refinery that makes for a great meal, spectacular date, or marvelous opportunity for the perfect pasta and wine pairing. The prices may be medium to high ranged, but reflect the elegant and robust flavors they bring to each guest’s table. A bold food gallery awaits you on their webpage, or you can make reservations by calling (817) 459-2775 (Arkansas Lane) or (817) 561-7540 (Sublett Road). The Arkansas Lane location is open Monday to Thursday, Saturday and Sunday 11am to 9pm, and Fridays 11am to 10pm. The Sublett Road location is open 11am to 10pm everyday.

Where to find them: 3100 W. Arkansas Ln. / 4200 W. Sublett Rd.


~     ~     ~

So how did Arlington Texas Talk’s favorites measure up to Yelp’s reviews? I highlighted the restaurants in our list above within Yelp’s high scorers. Let’s take a look:

THE BEST WITH 4.5 YELP SCORE: Potager, Fork in the Road, The Sanford House, Damian’s Cajun Soul Cafe, Mo’s Best Eatery, Dino’s Subs, Mr. B’s Burger Pub, Thai Texas, Joe’s Pizza Pasta & Subs, Istanbul Grill, Papaya Mexican Grill, Danny’s Taco & Grill, and Tin Cup.

Every single restaurant with the 4.5 Yelp score was on our total list of suggestions! Every. Single. Restaurant!

HONORABLE MENTION 4 STAR: Prince Lebanese, Tandoor, Gyro House, Mariano’s, Moni’s Pasta & Pizza, Bayou Cat, Los Jarros, Corkys Brick Oven Pizzeria, Orchid City Fusion Cafe, Cokers BBQ, JR Bentleys, Sistahs Mississippi Style BBQ, Bethany Boba Tea House, Beirut Rock Cafe, Lisa’s Chicken, David’s BBQ, Bigotes, Tom’s Burgers, Babes Chicken, and Tu Taco.

Within the honorable mention category, only 4 weren’t mentioned in the ATT group discussion!

RESTAURANTS MENTIONED WITH YELP SCORES BELOW 4: Chop House 3.5, La Isla 3.5, Pantego Bay 2.5, Flying Fish 3.5, Catfish Sams 3.5, Nizza Pizza 3.5, Mama’s Pizza 3.5, Star India 3.5, Atomic Subs 3, Rise and Shine 3.5, Angelos 3, Candlelite Inn 3.5, Pancho Taco 3.5, Gilligans 3.5, Main Street Cafe 3.5, Arlington Steak House 3, El Jibarito 3.5, Jay Jay Cafe 3, Skillet and Grill 3.5, Cajun Corner 3.5, Dixies 2.5, Don Wangs 3.5, Good Day 3.5, Daddy Buelos 3.5, 1st Chinese BBQ 3.5, Mijos 3.5, Prespa’s 3.5, Division Diner 3.5

The Yelp-rated list of scores below 4 still made it to our list. This just means that the people over at Arlington Texas Talk know their city backwards and forwards and have great advice. Thanks to them, here is a great list of delicious options for meals this summer. Not only can we get some great grub, but we can support our local businesses too!

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