How Often You Should Replace your Toothbrush and What Happens if You Don’t

Toothbrushes are part of the trinity of regular oral hygiene that also includes flossing and regular dental exams. Unfortunately, it’s the only one of the three that can pose as much of a threat to your dental health as it can optimize it. Replacing your toothbrush is very important. Otherwise, it’s effectiveness at removing bacteria, […]

It’s all in the Genes Series: Part 1 – What roles do genetics play in your smile?

Our genetic code, those ladders of nucleotides embedded deep in our family trees, can have a significant impact our oral health. Tooth enamel thickness, tooth and jaw alignment, the development and eruption of wisdom teeth, and the strength of defense proteins in your saliva all stem from those of your ancestors. These each also contribute […]

On Why Cavities are Contagious and How to Prevent Spreading Them

Most people consider a cavity an isolated event, a weakened tooth turned victim or a case of not brushing well enough. There’s a reason cavities also have the euphemism “sugar bugs”. Cavities are a direct result of bacteria feeding on the tooth’s defense called enamel and releasing acid as they do so. A 2011 article […]

Dental Do’s and Don’ts for Pregnant Women

Expecting a baby can be a stressful and exciting time for the mother. Of all the things to consider and learn, often dentistry keeps in the shadows. Unfortunately, the oral health of the mother can greatly affect not only how smooth pregnancy goes but also the well-being of the fetus’s dental development. Let’s examine the […]

Have Scientists Found a Streamlined Way to Regenerate Your Teeth?

What if a cavity could fill itself, a broken tooth regrow? Or a missing tooth regenerate? Scientists have come up with a bright idea – literally – to repair teeth. Using lasers to regenerate and grow body parts sounds like science fiction, but researchers have just demonstrated that it might be a transformative tool in […]

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