How Not Being Able to Taste Your Food Could Mean Your Oral Health is at Risk

A lessor known cause of bad oral health affects about 200,000 people each year. That’s the number of people that visit a doctor due to chemosensory problems, or issues with their senses of taste and smell. Typically this happens to the elderly, though some of these disorders start at birth. Loss of smell and taste […]

6 Favorite Arlington Restaurants We Missed on Our Summer Dining Guide

Back on July 6th when we posted our Arlington Summer Dining Guide, a lot of people agreed with our favorites. However, we were also reminded of a handful of restaurants that didn’t make it on the list. So we wanted to make sure you also found out about these great places to try!   Mo’s […]

Easy Ways to Get More Calcium into Your Eating Routine

Calcium is a key ingredient to oral care. It is the main mineral responsible for the strong structure of your teeth and the jaw bones they are attached to. Children need 500-800mg of calcium daily, while adults need 1000-1300mg, respectively. (Source: For years, drinking milk has been touted as the best way to maximize […]

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