Taking Control of The Holidays

November…it’s here!  Has the holiday planning even crossed your mind yet? Have you been thinking about it, but found yourself frozen in indecision?  Not sure where to start?  Follow these five helpful tips for taking control of the holidays, and you’ll find yourself at ease throughout the season.

1.  Review your monthly calendar.  What parties, events, deadlines and projects do you have for yourself and others in your life?  Make it a point to be intentional about scheduling out time for these priorities.

2.  Review your weekly calendar.  Once you wrap your mind around the big picture, take a look at the individual days one week at a time.  This will keep you on target.  It will also keep you from overwhelming yourself with too many to-dos!

3. Make daily to-do lists.  You can use the tried-and-true notebook to keep track of everything or use your smart phone.  However you choose to tackle it, use what works best for you. Make a plan and follow it consistently.  Without a plan, we are lost! For example, schedule cleaning a room at a time.  If you spend 15 minutes a day doing those “back-burner tasks”, then by the time your guests arrive, you will have cleaned your whole house!

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4. Plan your menu.  If you plan out your weekly/monthly menu for November and December, then you will eliminate the stress and strain on your budget.  Are you taking something to a party? Take time now to plan out what dish you will bring.  Are you having guests over?  Plan out what you will be preparing and what your guests need to bring as well.

5. Plan your shopping.  Who do you need to purchase gifts for this holiday season?  Make a list!  Write out who gets what.  Being specific now will save precious moments later.  Plan out shopping days.  If you like to go with a friend, call them up and save it to your calendars.  If you need to shop without kiddos in-tow, arrange for a sitter well in advance.  If you like to shop online, plan ahead so you have ample time for shipping blunders and weather delays. Buy your wrapping supplies now.  Don’t get caught at 11pm without the necessities (tape, wrapping paper, scissors, gift bags and tissues paper)!

Start now! A little preparation and a whole lot of follow through will make this holiday season memorable and enjoyable!

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