The Secret Shopping Life A Stone’s Throw Away

These goldmines won’t be secret anymore after you read this local-expert article. We realize that, unlike going to the dentist for some of you out there, shopping is a therapy. Maybe you don’t even need half of what you buy, but gosh do you enjoy it.  

 Secret shopping pleasures near Arlington

Without further ado, we are going to jump into the guilty and secret shopping pleasures nearby Arlington and Fort Worth. From national department stores, to unique boutiques and outlet shops, everything is out here to tempt you in.  




This is a one-of-a-kind home décor and furnishings boutique where you can find anything from a vintage typewriter to period chairs and old lamps which give you the feeling that time has stopped—and skipped back half a century. You can pay this great find a visit at 2955 Crockett St. Fort Worth, Texas. 




This shop is even nicer than the name. It’s situated on 5109 Pershing Avenue in Fort Worth. It started as a pop-up store and is now packed permanently with everything from beautiful clothes to accessories that are truly unique. They like to think of the venue not only as a shop, but an experience, an escape, a place where you can relax, have fun and…of course, get some shopping therapy. 




You arrive here and get to enjoy the great outdoors, but without losing sight of the shopping to be had. This is an open-air, sophisticated shopping center where you will find a selection of over 30 storefronts from Apple to Michael Kors. You’ve got to take your family here to enjoy an afternoon. Come visit the village at 1612 S. University Dr. 




This is where you find yourself mesmerized watching Keith doing his thing on the potters wheel. You can even sign up for a private lesson—or stick to ordering something from the gallery if you’re too busy on your shopping spree. And let it be known, you’ll find some great coffee here. Find them at 4147 Meadowbrook Dr. in Fort Worth. 




Feel like going Wild West? Then it’s time to step into this locale at 2455 N. Main Street. They’ve been in business since 1922 and sell some of the city’s most popular hats, boots, belts and everything cowboy. As soon as you walk in you can observe the passion they put into each pair of custom, handmade boots. 




If Leddy’s didn’t satisfy you, you need to go to the Cowgirl Museum. This fascinating site, located at 1720 Gendy Street, has a little shop inside that will enchant you from the very first moment you set foot inside. You’ll find gifts of all types, from clothes, hats, belts to cards or books that speak to your very most Texan core.  




If you’re in search for a sound that will even get you ready to rock you next dentist visit, this is the right place to go. A family owns this record store and they have all those hard-to-find, classic records that you sometimes can’t even think of until you see them in the shop. Record Town is located on 3025 S. University Dr. 


We hope this collection of shops and boutiques entertains you even more than we do! Let us know who we should add to the list.