The Web Special You’ll Love Smiling About

With holiday parties and family photos right around the corner, what’s the one thing that most people want to feel like they’re looking their best? 


When surveyed, most people want to be skinnier or generally look better when it comes to holiday engagements. However, with the combination of Halloween candy and Thanksgiving feasts, many others feel discouraged about different aspects of their appearance. 

 Teeth whitening specialist in Arlington

…Not to mention finding the time to hit the gym multiple times a week, and suddenly that really creates a challenge to looking better and feeling good! 


However, there is one thing that everyone can do that doesn’t require sweating or depriving yourself of your favorite foods: teeth whitening.  


Teeth whitening can immediately brighten your smile and help create a glow that others will notice. And, even better, you get to lay down and relax through the whole, pain-free process.  


We understand that money can be tight around the holidays, so for new patients we are offering our in-office teeth whitening for FREE. That’s right—nothing out of your pocket, and you get to walk out feeling like a million bucks! Call us fast, though, because these free teeth whitening slots will fill up fast! If you’re still on the fence about the benefits of teeth whitening, we will walk you through it all below: 


  1. Instant self-confidence boost 
  2. Everyone will be drawn to your smile 
  3. Healthier mouth 
  4. Increased mental health 
  5. You appear friendlier  
  6. Increased opportunities for personal and professional success 
  7. It is completely safe 
  8. The process is quick and pain free 
  9. Increased self-confidence  
  10. It is free with Dr. Marchbank’s Web-Only Special for New Patients  


What else will teeth whitening help with? 


As we age, our teeth lose their luster. From poor oral health habits to staining and aging, our mouth highlights the health of our whole body. Coffee, tobacco and soda can all leave obvious stains on your teeth that brushing can’t get rid of. So, if your teeth are yellowing or have distinctive stains, tooth whitening can help boost your overall appearance and give you a healthy glow again.  


First impressions result powerfully from your smile. It’s important your teeth give off a healthy image! A bright smile also draws attention away from other signs of aging on your face like wrinkles. This simple treatment can shed years off your appearance. 


Are there any dangers? 


Some patients have said they prefer to take matters into their “own hands” with at-home teeth whitening kits. Unfortunately, the excessive use of over-the-counter products can be damaging to your teeth and your overall oral health. The most common compliant is that teeth gain a translucent appearance (due to applying too much of a peroxide-based whitening product). When this happens, the teeth appear discolored—even gray—and the tips or corners look translucent. Unfortunately, many people think applying additional whiting on top will bring the vibrance back. The is untrue and will only compound the underlying damage.  


This and more is why we recommend in-office teeth whitening. As dental professionals we can ensure that your teeth and enamel are protected and over-whitening doesn’t occur.  


Did we mention our web-only special means its FREE for new patients?!  


Dr. Marchbank’s is committed to boosting the confidence of his patients, and wants everyone to leave his office with a smile they can be proud of. If you’re a new patient and want to take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity, then give our office a call today and mention the web-only special. We look forward to welcoming you to the Dr. Marchbank’s family!  

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