There’s Only One Month Left of Winter!

Technically spring begins on March 20th, but you could say we’ve got ants in our pants here at Dr. Marchbanks’s office to declare spring’s approach with March 1st! Can you blame us? We can just see it now, fluffy clouds in blue skies, bees buzzing, flowers in full bloom (sneeze!) One month, ladies and gentlemen!

So, as our team likes to do, we came together to compile a quick-tip guide of things that must be checked off before the new season begins. It’s definitely some power-cleaning stuff, but they need to be done because they keep your house sanitary and your family healthy!  

 Spring is coming!

Read on to see if you’re accomplishing all of these hyper-hygienic cleaning tasks.  


  1. Dusting!

From dusting fan blades, to light fixtures, to picture frames or the top of the doors molding/frame, grab that damn rag or pillowcase (tip: for fan blades) to remove all the dust that’s accumulated in the past months of hibernation and closed windows.  


  1. Wipe down all doorknobs, remotes and hand fixtures

Was somebody sick this past winter? Or do you have little kids or even grandkids who needs constant reminders to wash their hands? Then it’s time to do one succinct wipe-down of all surfaces that the hands in the house share! Don’t forget the actual door itself, both below and above the knob or handle, as we tend to push it open or shut in this manner sometimes. While you’re at it, wipe nightstands and any table surfaces.  


  1. Wash all textiles

This includes blankets you’ve been using to cozy up all winter, pillows you’ve been melting into, shower curtains, soft rugs, bedding, bath robes and so on. It may take a few days, but it must be done to keep lingering smells and bacteria away! 


  1. Clean the kitchen—deep

Next to scrubbing down the bathroom, the kitchen might be the most dreaded place to clean. Be sure to clean the outside of the appliances with the appropriate cleaner (example for any stainless steel or marble surfaces). Next, tackle appliances that sit on the counter like the microwave, toaster, coffee pot, blender, etc., then move to cleaning the inside of appliances (oven, dishwasher, refrigerator). We highly recommend avoiding the self-cleaning mode on appliances, as it can decrease appliances’ lifespan. Then move to countertops, and lastly the sink (and drain). Use a diluted mixture of baking soda, vinegar and water. 


  1. Baseboards

This is one of the chores we feel especially passionate about! The baseboard actually has an architectural purpose: to catch the dirt that falls from the top of the room, down the wall and onto the floor. It’s there to make it easier for you to clean! Take a warm soap-wet cloth and run it along the expanse of the baseboard, and then rinse the rag and wipe once more for any residual soap. Or, you can use a wet wipe, up to you—just make sure to clean it! 


  1. Windows and Windowsills

This means inside and out. We know, we know…yes, it is probably going to rain right after you clean the outside of the windows (Murphy’s Law), but it must be done. 


And yes, this also includes those little nooks and crannies that window frames come with. Use a cotton swab to clear out the gunk that a cloth or wipe doesn’t manage. 


  1. Floors

Whether you go it old school and use a broom and then get on your hands and knees and manually clean with a bucket and rag, or if you use a fancy-contraption standing mop, this is a regular MUST. The gunk, crumbs, hair and dust that build up on floors can be repulsive to even think about. We recommend saving this for one of the last chores, as everything does wind up falling on the floor as you clean. That said, this is something we think should be done monthly at the least. 


  1. Bathroom

We’re talking all that porcelain and ceramic! Grab your favorite cleaner, a two-sided sponge, some rubber gloves, and maybe even a toothbrush, and give every surface a good scrub down.  


  1. Drawers and cabinets

This might actually be a task that takes a few days, but try tackling the cabinets and storage places that are messing with your daily grind the most. In places like the dish cupboards, just pull items out, wipe them down and put them back in place. Don’t take on too much by feeling the need to reorganize. The sheer act of wiping out may inspire you to mull over how better to organize the space at a later date.  


  1. Grout

Sprinkle baking soda on every bit of grout you find in your bathroom or kitchen, using a spray bottle filled with vinegar to apply over baking soda. Let it sit and bubble for a few minutes and then scrub—but not for too long, or the will settle back into the grout. 


There’s probably a zillion other cracks, crevices, spaces and appliances we could recommend cleaning, but we wanted to keep it simple. We just wanted to point out what is sanitary to keep you healthy coming into the pending springtime.  


Don’t forget to pencil in some self-care in the next month before spring begins, too. Enjoy a long bath in your newly-cleaned bathroom, and cozy up on the sofa with the freshly cleaned linens afterward to thank yourself for all the hard work and power cleaning you did in such a short month! 


And lastly, don’t forget to pencil in your spring tooth-cleaning as well! We’ll be here in the Arlington office when you’re ready! 

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