2 Toothtastic Fourth of July Crafts for Your Kiddos

We found two crafts we just had to share! After all, toothbrushes are as great at creating art as they are for cleaning those pearly whites! Plus, look how cute our Patriotic Tooth Girl came out!


Patriotic Tooth Cutout

Let your little firecrackers get creative with this adorable and patriotic cutout. You may need to assist with cutting, but then the sky is the limit on how they can decorate with red, white, and blue. Once their done, they make great BBQ decorations, table centerpieces, or a pennant pinned on a 4th of July celebration streamer!


Our version smudged with pastels.

What you need:

1 piece of white cardstock

1 piece of red, white, or blue cardstock

Construction paper in red or blue




Various decorating supplies such as paint, markers, glitter glue, and sequins.

Cut out the tooth and glue to cardstock. Cut out bow tie and decorate with red, white and blue glitter glue, pens or crayons; glue onto the head for a girl or at the top of the roots as a bow-tie for a boy.


Cut two 1 x 4 inch strips from blue construction paper. Accordion the strips to make two arms.


Cut out hands; fold left hand at the dotted line.

Cut out the flag and color if desired.


Glue flag “pole” to the inside of the folded hand; glue hand shut.

Color hands if desired and glue to arms.


Glue arms to the tooth.

Voila! You’re done!

Here’s your link to the PDF: Patriotic Tooth Cutout 4th of July

~   ~   ~

Toothbrush Firework Painting

Toothbrushes best job is cleaning your teeth, but they have a myriad of other uses too! From cleaning small, tight spots to polishing silver, they are the small but mighty versitile brush. By far our favorite summertime use is in arts and crafts! We found this fun painting project by Crafty Morning on Pinterest (surprise, surprise!). It’s the perfect thing to keep the kiddos busy while they’re waiting for the grill to finish cooking dinner or squirming in excitement about going to see fireworks!

toothbrush fireworks arts and crafts glitter red white and blue sassydealz com

What You’ll Need:


Blue and red paint

White paper

Silver glitter or glitter glue

Directions from Crafty Morning Blog:

Have your kids dip their toothbrush into paint and making outward motions, make a firework shape! The less paint you have the better so you will get the little wispy lines on the outsides. Finish off the fireworks by adding silver glitter.


Do you have a fun craft you do with toothbrushes or other oral health products? Please share with us in the comments!

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