Top 10 Free and Paid Dental Apps

Brush DJ

There is an app for everything nowadays, and dental apps are no exception. There are a number of great and useful apps available to help you build good oral hygiene skills and have a little fun too.

  • Brush DJ: If you have a tendency to brush your teeth for less than two minutes, then Brush DJ is the app for you. Brush DJ was developed by a dentist who wanted to do more to help people prevent tooth decay and gum disease. The app will play music selected at random from your own music library for two minutes. So not only will you brush your teeth for a full two minutes, you’ll enjoy doing it too. And you might just rediscover some of the hidden gems in your music collection. Brush DJ also has a feature that allows you set reminders for brushing and flossing, changing your toothbrush, and making dental appointments. This award winning app is available for free for Apple and Android devices, and, best of all, it is advertisement free.
  • Dental Phobia: Many people put off dental visits because they fear going to the dentist. Dr. Jeff Sherer, creator of the Dental Phobia app, believes that the best way to combat dental phobia is not with cheesy gimmicks, but with knowledge. Dental Phobia has “an abundance of information …that lets anyone worried about an upcoming appointment fully understand their options and deal with visits at ease.” The app is separated into categories with content on the nature of dental phobias and coping strategies, a detailed description of the various sedation procedures that dentists use, and much more. The app also lets you contact a knowledgeable dentist directly with any questions or concerns. Dental Phobia was featured in Apples “New and Noteworthy” and “What’s Hot” medical app categories in the U.S., Ireland, and U.K. app stores. Dental Phobia is available for $.99 at Apple’s app store.
  • Monster Mouth DDS: Monster Mouth DDS lets you be the dentist—to monsters! As a monster dentist, you’ll journey into the mouths of gigantic monsters and your job is to solve their dental problems as quickly as you can and with as little pain as possible before their mouths slam shut. The app features a wide array of crazy and wacky monsters, each with their own unique dental problem. Monster Mouth DDS has easy touch controls, just touch a tooth to clean it. There’s an x-ray so that you can find hidden cracks, bombs to blow up cracked teeth, and tongs to pull out cavities. Monster Mouth DDS is available for $.99 for Apple and Android devices.
  • iBraces Help: This app is useful for braces wearers or those considering orthodontic work. This application is full of information, pictures, and videos important for braces wearers, like how to care for your braces, how to take care of minor emergencies, orthodontic terminology, braces FAQ, information on elastics and how to alleviate discomfort related to braces. iBraces Help is available for free in the Apple App Store.
  • Dictionary of Dental Terminology: This is an app that’s useful for dentists, dental students, hygienists, and patients.  Dentistry, like many fields, is filled with terminology that may seem confusing to a layperson. The dictionary is filled with a list and definitions of dental terms, and they are explained in a way that’s simple and easy to understand. The Dictionary of Dental Terminilogy is available for $2.99 in the Apple App Store.
  • My Smile: If you’ve ever wondered exactly how white your teeth are, then this is the app for you. The My Smile app lets you check the condition and color of your teeth with a 15 shade color palette system, and it is similar to the scale that your dentist uses. My Smile monitors the shade of your teeth over time and allows you to share and compare your results with others. Here’s how it works. After you download the app, you take a picture of your beautiful smile with your iPhone’s camera. Then you’ll use the app’s color matching palette to see how white or how yellow your teeth are. Save the result to your My Smile records and over time you can see how the condition of your teeth change. My Smile is available for $.99 at the Apple App Store.


  • The Little Bunny Visiting Dentist: This app can help alleviate some of the fears your child may have about visiting the dentist.  This application has a story about a cute little bunny who, like your child, has to visit the dentist. As you read the story of the little bunny to your child, you can explain procedures that the dentist uses to help keep the little bunny’s teeth clean and healthy. The app also features a dental match game to help your child recognize dental tools. This app is available for $1.99 at the Apple App Store.
  • Dentist Story: If you’ve ever wanted to be the dentist, here’s your chance. Dentist Story is a role playing game that allows you to do everything that your dentist does—drilling, scaling, whitening, extractions, and more. In the story, you are the dentist and virtual patients visit you with their dental problems. Your goal is to diagnose and treat the patient as painlessly as possible. The better you get at the game, the harder the problem. The game features “challenging dental adventures, nonstop surgical entertainment, and a state of the art tool kit with contemporary equipment.” Dentist Story is available for Android devices at the Google Play Store.
  • Dental Aid: Dental Aid is a comprehensive patient education tool. This highly rated app uses HD pictures and text to help dentists educate their patients on a wealth of different topics and problems, and it can help patients make informed decisions about their dental health care. Dental Aid is $14.99 at the Apple App Store. There’s also a free version, Dental Aid Lite.
  • Colgate Tooth Fairy: Colgate Tooth Fairy is a fun way to help children develop good oral hygiene. The Tooth Timer shows children how to build good brushing habits. The Funky Smiles feature lets you take a picture and add fun crazy smiles. The Teeth Battle game helps children fight off evil bugs before they damage your teeth. Colgate Tooth Fairy is available for free at the Google Play Store. 
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