What Makes Dental Service For Kids Special

When you think of the services offered at Dr. Marchbanks’ Arlington, TX office, we’re sure you can easily name at least a half dozen things our office offers. From routine cleanings to root canals to Invisalign and teeth whitening and everything in-between, our office provides services to take care of most dental issues you’ll ever need. 


However, one service commonly overlooked is our special ability to serve children. Many parents ask if they should seek out a pediatric dentist or if they can bring their child in to our office. We are fully equipped and trained to see children as young as one year old. In fact, it is recommended to bring your child in as soon as they first start sprouting teeth! Keep reading as we outline the unique services we offer for children in our office. 

 Dental services for children—what’s so special?

Create a foundation for good oral habits  


Creating good oral habits early on for children requires a partnership between the provider, patient, and parent. As providers, we’re able to offer advice on breaking hard habits that can affect the teeth such as pacifier and thumb sucking. When you bring your children in, we examine the structure of the mouth and determine if any damage has been done. 


In addition, we can work with you on creating strategies for breaking bad oral habits as well as methods to mitigate any damage that had been previously done. We also begin to create the relationship between the child and the provider to help avoid dental anxieties later. Building this relationship early helps to lessen fears and create a mutual respect and trust. 


What’s more, treating our children patients is also the perfect opportunity to discuss early oral hygiene with parents. For instance, it’s recommended that you use a fluoride toothpaste on all children. The amount of toothpaste on the brush should be no larger than a grain of rice to prevent damage to the teeth. It is tips like this that you will learn when you bring your children in for their first visit! 


What to expect 


Your child’s first dental appointment might be more nerve wracking for you than the child! To reduce anxieties for your children, don’t project any of your own fears on them. Keep the time before the appointment upbeat and offer high-level discussions of what will happen. At your child’s first visit you can expect the following issues to be discussed: 


  • Cavity prevention 
  • Good oral hygiene habits 
  • Breaking oral habits like thumb sucking 
  • Developmental milestones 
  • Teething 
  • Nutrition that builds healthy teeth 
  • Scheduling future appointments  


Growing with your child 


From teeth erupting to adult teeth to braces and more, we’re here to guide parents and provide expert advice and referrals where needed. We understand you might have questions about when the right time is for braces, or what to do with wisdom teeth. We have the ability to talk you through each milestone and work collaboratively with you and your child to make decisions. Working with children patience starting when they’re small allows us to view trends and how they respond to treatments over the course of time, too. 


If you are looking for an Arlington, TX dentist that is prefect not only for you, but for the whole family, then look no further than Dr. Marchbanks. Our goal is to welcome your family into ours and create a long-lasting relationship. If it is time for your little ones to have their first appointment, then give us a call today. We look forward to meeting your whole family!

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