Winter Fun in the Metroplex—Indoor Play Areas!

The arctic blast that’s sat on top of north Texas for the past week has led to MANY stir-crazy days for young ones stuck at home. While our neighbors to the north may scoff at our inability to play outside in temperatures that dip below freezing, true Texans know that our blood is just too thin for that. 


In an attempt to keep the kids from crawling up the walls, we have compiled a list of the best indoor play places in the Metroplex that will let your little one expend all that pent-up energy, and allow you to take a short break from the mayhem! Let us know if you can think of any places we forgot—we still have many cold days ahead! 

 Superhero kids

For those who need to run 


If you are longing for the days when it was warm enough to hit the playground for tag and other running games, look no further than the indoor alternative “The Coop” in Frisco. Not only does this play space feature ball pits, tunnels, and slides for the little ones, but it also has free wifi, a cappuccino bar (especially handy during those cold-snaps), and an array of magazines for moms and dads.  


If you feel like you’re really going bonkers, then you should head to Lewisville’s indoor play space Going Bonkers. Standing five levels high and featuring zip lines, slides and climbing structures, this gym encourages kids and adults to play together through some truly adventurous feats. Skip the gym and get your heart rate up climbing through this one-of-a-kind indoor maze! 


Get smarter by playing 


With all the breaks from school compounded by “snow and ice days,” you might think your kids need a little extra education on top of burning off excess energy. Ditch the flashcards and head to the Perot Museum of Nature and Science for a hands-on learning experience. From exploring outer space, to engineering and innovation to dinosaurs, this museum has something for everyone. Make sure to reserve tickets in advance, and plan to spend the whole day there. Learning has never been so fun! 


If you feel like your little ones are always underfoot and copying everything you do, try out the Play Street Museum that lets kids recreate what they see at home in a child-friendly space. Whether that’s helping in the kitchen or building with play masonry tools, here the children are in charge. In addition to being fun, kids get to use their imagination and interact with other children through play.  


Low-cost activities  


As the number of cold days continue to add up, it is important to find inexpensive options as well. The Dallas Museum of Art offers free admission and features two separate areas dedicated to children. Featuring interactive activities, puzzles and toys, your children will foster a love of museums early in life.  


Many malls in our area also have free indoor play areas. Generally geared towards the younger babes, these soft play structures are a great pit stop when you need to run errands. Also, if you go before the stores open, it’s just about guaranteed to be empty!  


Finally, check out local YMCA’s or recreation centers that have indoor pools. Winter is a great time to practice swimming skills and get ready for the warm months that are right around the corner. Many local pools don’t require a membership fee—just a one-time ticket to get in. 


Don’t let the cold months keep you inside and bored. The DFW metroplex is full of activities that will allow your kids to expel energy, broaden their horizons and learn new things!

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