How to Work Dental health Info into Children’s Activities: A Guide for Parents, Teachers, and Club Leaders

Most classroom and kids club activities aim to teach information in a fun way. What’s more important than the importance of taking care of your teeth? Our mouths are a major gateway to the body, and teaching good habits now will set up children for a successful and healthy lifestyle.

While curriculum in recent years has become more controlled by standards and such, working oral health and care into some lessons can benefit not only your students but also fill in some small calendar gaps or specific curriculum needs. Club leaders can also utilize dental related info for a diverse number of hands-on projects. Here are some fun ideas and links to help you brainstorm before the whirl wind of school and meetings begin.

A Handful of Books to Read
• The Bernstein Bears Go to the Dentist
• Dora the Explorer Show Me Your Smile
• Brush Your Teeth, Please
• My Tooth is Loose, Dr. Moose

Plackers Kids Club word search game

Plackers Kids Club word search game

Activity Ideas
• Read above books during story time.
• Play games such as those found in Meet Your Teeth Dental Care Unit, Grades 1-4
• Invite your local Arlington dentist to guest speak to the group and demonstrate proper brushing and other dental hygiene with some humor.
• Print out Coloring Pages or color by numbers and discuss fun facts as they color.
• For animals clubs, discuss taking care of pets teeth and compare to how students should care for their own teeth.
• Make a vocabulary list with dental related terms and create a crossword or other word puzzle with them.
• Allow child to play 15 minutes per day on the ADA supported website Mouth Healthy Kids, Plackers Kids Club, or Colgate’s Kids Corner.
• Sing some fun teeth related songs such as those on Mouthy Healthy Kids or even show the videos. Our favorite? Plants vs. Zombies: Stop the Putrid Posse with fun lyrics about all the gross things in “zombie mouth” as they call it.
• Show a power point presentation such as this one from Share My Lesson.
• Use brushing teeth or other related activites to create a writing prompt and let them write a story. Then they can share them with the group.
• Take pictures of everyone’s smile and make a print out. Then let them guess who’s is whose. This is a homemade version of an activity in Fall Into First’s Guess Who Tooth Edition.
• Pin the teeth on the smile… like the donkey, except bent to dental info. Making this in felt fabric means you can reuse it.
• For parties or giveaways, buy floss, fun flossers, interdental brushes, plaque revealing tablets and tooth brushes in bulk and use those in goodie bags or a prize grab bag.
• Make Lost Tooth Bags like these as a sewing or craft project for badges or art curriculum. [image with source]
• Great a brushing calendar and offer rewards for consistent brushing.
• Make the Tooth Fairy Tale even more believable with printable certificates and envelops from the Tooth Fairy Squad.
• Flossing is important so use this Lego Duplo, playdough, and shoestring activity by MoffattGirls to make it more visual and real for kids. [ image with source]
• Egg and Soda Pop scientific experiment: “Boil eggs and put them in a dish of soda; leave it for a day and have each child take out an egg. Talk about the discoloration and how soda and food have the same effect on your teeth. Give each child a toothbrush and toothpaste and have them “brush” the egg to see how it comes clean. The process of seeing the dirty egg get clean can be a powerful visual example of the importance of brushing teeth. At the end of the activity, compare the eggs and see who has the cleanest one.” [Source: Pinterest]
• For science emphasis, consider dinosaurs, cavemen, tribal and natural teeth cleaning tools, etc…

Other Resources
A to Z Teacher Stuff Teeth Units
A to Z Teacher Stuff The Tooth Fairy Loves Math and Literacy Teaching Unit Grades 1-4 Children Books
Dental Quizzes on Animated Teeth


More about teaching your children to live a healthy lifestyle.

Dental health has been placed on the back burner with the erection of Obamacare and those families opting out of insurance are limiting their child’s knowledge about oral hygiene. But there is still hope for children through the mentorship of adults they look up to. With the guidance of these advisers –you—they can learn how to take care of their mouths and still have fun doing it!

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